10 Super Easy Ways to Cut Your Bills in Half


Monthly expenses seem like they’re out of control? Think you’ve already found ways to cut your bills and can’t do any more?

You might be surprised at how many more ways you can cut your bills in half. And if you find all of these not surprising, leave a comment below and let us know what are some ways you’ve been able to cut your bills in half.

Carpool or Ride your Bike

Yeah, sounds obvious, but in the days of Uber and Lyft, people forget that it takes  a few minutes to ask around to see if anyone is willing to carpool with you. Not only are you saving on gas, but you’re saving on car depreciation.

If you can, riding a bike can not only save you gas, but it’s a great chance to exercise.

Find alternatives to Pricey Gym Memberships

A few ways to do that is to find hospital affiliated fitness centers, Youtube videos (there are ton of great fitness instructors there), or even cheap memberships like Passport to Prana, where for $30 you can go to one yoga studio a month for an entire year.

Use a Timer for Electronics

Enforcing on and off times for electronics can really help you reduce expenses. Just think about all the devices that are still on (like your TV digital box) when you’re not home.

Clean Your Car

This may not amount to much, but getting rid of unnecessary junk can take some of the weight off, which can contribute to heavier gas use

Only Buy Whole Ingredients

You’d be surprised at how much more you spend on process or prepackaged products, even if they’re sauces or what seems like cheap frozen meals. Plus, cooking with whole ingredients is just as easy and probably healthier for you.

Get Rid of Collision Coverage on Your Vehicle

Do this if your car is really old, as in it’s not worth getting repairs on if it’s in a fairly serious accident.

Fix Leaks and Install Water Efficient Devices

Leaks can really add up, and you may see that reflect in your water bill. Other ways to save money include taking faster showers and installing a shower reduction kit to help you use less water.

Install a Programmable thermostat

You can set it so you’re not heating or cooling the house when you’re not home, saving you energy costs that way. Also, setting your thermostat to certain temperatures also prevents your air conditioner or heater from working too much. The savings can be in the hundreds if you use this method.

Wear Your Clothes More Than Once Before Washing Them

It might sound gross, but you don’t need to wash your clothes as often. The less clothes you wear once, the less laundry you have to do every week (or however often you wash). You’re spending less on utilities, but you’re also potentially saving money on buying more clothes since there’ll be less wear and tear on them.

Use a Cash Rewards Credit Card

Using a credit card with cash back rewards can help you make some back on what you already spend. Just don’t go too crazy and spend on a bunch of things you won’t normally spend all in the name of “cash back” though.

What are some other ways you’ve cut your bills in half?

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