2020 Poker Trends (The #4 May Surprise You) 

The world of online poker continues to evolve. There are some places where the pastime has been outright banned. Other locations have chosen to accept it as a new form of gambling entertainment and have permitted wide distribution and participation. 

However, it is anyone’s guess as to what the future holds for online poker. There have been hints about the direction it will be heading which is both exciting and interesting from any perspective. It is those activities we will be exploring in this article on upcoming trends for 2020.

1 – Popularity of Live Poker Games Will Increase

It is already happening and has been for the past few years. However, we see the live poker scene continuing to explode in popularity. This means there should be several live events featuring big jackpots.

For example, guaranteed $20-million tournaments are not uncommon now which means higher stakes to come. Plus, with technology where it is now and where it is going, we expect to see many more live tours to take flight in the world of poker. 

This also means that there is the potential of more celebrity poker players emerging. We’re not talking Hollywood celebrities, either. With live poker events growing, there will be more players coming out of the woodwork to test their skills against some of the current leaders. 

2 – Virtual Reality Will Play A Bigger Role

When you consider that virtual reality is already well entrenched in video gaming, it only makes sense that it is going to creep into online gambling. You may already be playing VR casino games and this is truly just the beginning of a new trend.

With all the focus these days with engagement online, VR presents a new and effective way to pull online poker players into a new experience. Instead of viewing a poker table on a screen, you’ll feel as if you are sitting at that table interacting with the other players.

VR is also going to turn the game of online poker into a very different experience for spectators as well. In addition to being able to view the activity as if they are in the same room as the players, spectators will see movies, bets and more happen as if they were real and not VR.

3 – The Top Dog Will Have Plenty of Competition

Although the big names in the online poker world will continue to sit at the top of the popularity list, other well-known properties will battle in 2020 to become the Number One place for online poker. The world’s best-known poker rooms will shift position in the next year.

Changes to the platform used by PokerStars did see some players jump ship but not enough to give top competitors PartyPoker and 888 Poker the winning edge. However, these extremely popular online poker playing sites will be joined by even more in 2020.

Expect new and improved features, such as virtual reality as has been discussed, along with added bonuses, bigger jackpots, and more interactivity to have an impact on the industry as a whole. What that will do to online poker rooms remains to be seen.

4 – The Growth of Cryptopoker

There is no doubt that the use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies are continuing to gain ground. There are already some online casinos that are open to their use although it hasn’t quite caught on in the world of online poker, but it probably will.

Only a few poker players are using cryptocurrencies but that number is expected to increase and once that does, you should see online poker rooms changing their stance. Being able to make crypto deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is already there. 

Plus, when you consider that the technology is already in place, it just makes sense that online poker rooms will jump on the bandwagon. The reluctance to date may have to do with the fact that there are so many different cryptocurrencies out there, but that will change as well. 

5 – Interstate Network Use To Advance

Online poker has had an interesting relationship in the United States. Several poker operations were forced to shut down in 2011 during what has since become known as Black Friday. However, since then, the online poker world has slowly started to regain ground in the US.

Probably the biggest and most-watched event is the united multi-state network that currently exists in Nevada (which recently exceeded all expectations in terms of monthly revenue), New Jersey, and Delaware. These states just don’t have the volume of play so far to make them significant earners in the poker world quite yet. 

With the changes recently in Pennsylvania where several different gambling options have been legalized, the possibility of a new member in the Interstate Network exists. It is expected that Pennsylvania will be fully integrated into this state-connecting system in 2020. 

What is yet to be determined is whether or not interstate poker networks are the next step for a growth spurt in the gaming industry in the US. The possibility of bigger jackpots will be a draw but the pool of potential winners will also expand considerable as well as improved video poker strategies (quick guide on it here).

In Conclusion

Lucian Marinescu, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, claims that “the trends noted above for 2020 are just the tip of the iceberg. The shifting sands of the online poker landscape continue to uncover new and interesting possibilities with each new year. The interesting thing about trends is that sometimes they lead to innovation where other times it is innovation that drives a particular trend.“

With the popularity of online poker growing in leaps and bounds, it is no surprise that trends have been identified. 

The 2020 poker trends noted above are meant to give you an idea of what to expect in the coming year. If you are just new to the world of online poker, you have joined the community at an exciting time where technology and gaming have come together to create an experience that will continue to rival that of playing live poker in a casino setting.

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