3 Tips for Asking Your Employer for A Raise 

Whether you work in finance or at a medical clinic like ThriveMD, asking your employer for a raise can be tough. If you’re excelling in your position or going above and beyond in the workplace, it’s fair to say that you deserve a raise; however, asking your employer for more money can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. If you’re looking for simple advice on how to ask for a raise the right way, keep reading. 

Choose The Right Time 

When asking for a raise, it is important to do so at the right time. Think about how long you have been at your company and how long it has been since your last raise. If the answer for either is less than a full year, many experts advise that it might be best to wait. Be sure to approach your employer at the right time. If you have an upcoming review or other one on one meeting scheduled in the upcoming future with your boss, that could be a great time to inquire about a raise. 


Know How Much to Ask For

The key to asking for a raise successfully is asking for the right amount of money. Before going into a meeting with your boss, be sure to do your own research into the average salary of other employees in your field. Compare this with your own salary, as well as how long you have been working for your company. This is important information to keep in mind when asking for a raise, as it will show your employer that you have a basic understanding of how much money you should be earning. 


Be Confident 

Being confident in your request for a raise is one of the keys to being successful. Before heading into a meeting with your boss, be sure to review your recent accomplishments and reasons why you believe you are deserving of more money. Practice what you are going to say to your boss, so that you will feel confident in your request when it is time for your meeting. Confidence is key when making any ask; and many experts or employers report being more willing to accept an employee’s request for a raise based on their level of confidence. 

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