5 Hobbies That Could Easily Turn into a Business

Hobbies that make money

If you want to start a business, examining your hobbies can be a great way to find a money-making idea. Many activities you do for fun could help you earn an income, letting you do more of what you love while bringing in some money. While not every hobby is as easy to convert into a business as others, some of them are natural fits. If you are curious about hobbies that make money, here are a five that can work well.

1. Arts and Crafts

Many people adore handmade items, and they are willing to pay extra to get something that isn’t mass-produced. Etsy, an online selling platform, built its reputation on providing people with access to handmade arts and crafts pieces, making it a great place to sell what you create.

Anything from paintings to ceramics to jewelry to sweaters can potentially make money. That means the list of hobbies that make money could include:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Sculpture
  • Soap-making
  • And more

Consider heading over to Etsy and seeing what you can find for sale in your niche. That will give you an idea of what you can charge, ensuring you can earn enough to offset the effort.

2. Gardening

If you have a green thumb, then turning your gardening hobby into a money-making venture may be a great fit. Some property owners don’t have the time to dedicate to their landscaping, giving you a chance to sell your services.

This is a particularly good option if you already own a reasonable amount of equipment and can transport it. Plus, if you have a beautiful yard, it can serve as an advertising point, possibly helping you land additional business.

One of the most obvious approaches for making money from a gardening hobby is to open a landscaping business. However, even basic yard and garden care services can be lucrative, as well as an indoor plant care business.

Alternatively, you can also cultivate plants to sell to local garden stores or florists. If you have somewhat exotic plants you can raise, like rare orchids, this can be a fun approach. However, your income potential may be limited by your available space, so keep that in mind.

3. Sports and Fitness

Whether you prefer tennis, soccer, football, or any number of sports, you can turn your love of the game into a money-making opportunity. For example, you may be able to find a position coaching or refereeing youth sports leagues, allowing you to make some cash on the side. Offering one-on-one training services can also be an option, as long as there is a space to host a trainee.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be a professional-level athlete to work as a trainer or coach. However, you may need to showcase your skills and build a reputation to get a large clientele base. But, once you do, word-of-mouth can help you propel your business forward.

Another option is to provide instruction on a form of exercise. This could include aerobics, yoga, Zumba, or any other activity that you know well. Typically, you don’t need certifications to offer these services privately. However, if you want to open a gym, fitness center, or similar business, you may need to get certified first.

4. Music

Would you like to offer your services at a Brooklyn recording studio? Well using your musical hobby may be the key to improving your financial circumstances.

Music is a hobby that can also make you money. Private tutoring and teaching can lead to a reasonable income whether you specialize in one instrument or several. Additionally, if you can sing, then working as a vocal coach can be an option.

In many cases, you’ll need to be able to read music if you want to offer your services. That is usually seen as a fundamental skill, even for singers, so make sure you are comfortable there before you start.

However, you don’t have to be an expert to succeed. Often, the adults or children you tutor will be beginners, so you can move forward as long as you have a suitable amount of knowledge and patience.

But, if you are extremely skilled, you may also be able to make money another way. Bands and singers may be willing to hire you as a session musician, having you fill in with a particular instrument during a tour or for a recording.

In either case, you may be able to find opportunities online, such as through Craigslist, or through local music stores. Music publications usually have classified ad sections that can also provide information about session musician opportunities in your local area.

5. Photography

If you have a keen eye and a good quality camera, then turning your photography hobby into a business is a viable option. Plus, there are a few ways you can approach it, giving you additional flexibility.

For example, if you love to capture images of landscapes, landmarks, wildlife, or similar subjects, then you might be able to sell your photographs. Stock photography sites like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Stock Photos allow professional and amateur photographers list their images on the website, paying them a commission if someone chooses to buy them.

Often, you do have to have your photos approved before they are made available on stock photography sites. However, the process is fairly simple, as long as you can meet the quality standards.

Alternatively, you can also sell your services as a photographer. For instance, you can charge to take pictures at weddings or other gatherings. If you have studio space or a good outdoor area nearby, then portrait or pet photography could be a specialty worth exploring.

In any of the above cases, you do need a camera that can produce high-quality photographs. Additionally, you may need editing software to hone the images, ensuring you can correct issues or imperfections with ease.

Ultimately, all five of the hobbies above can become successful businesses. Just make sure you review any local laws governing whether you need a business license or similar credentials before you begin. Otherwise, you may experience a hiccup on your path to success.

Do you know of any hobbies that make money? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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