Start Fresh: 5 Things I Want to Spend Out Before Buying More

Start Fresh: 5 Things I Want to Spend Out Before Buying More

Recently I’ve been working on the idea of trying to “spend out” the items I already have in my house. In other words, I have certain items that I want to use up before I buy new ones. In doing so, I hope to save some money at the start of the year.

What Does It Mean to Spend Out?

I got this concept from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. She talks about how there are both underbuyers and overbuyers, and each has their own challenges. I’m an overbuyer. I stock up.

And that’s okay in some ways. I never run out of things that I might need. When something basic breaks around the house (scissors, a phone cord), I already have an extra.

But recently, I’ve bought way more than I needed of a whole lot of things. So I’m going to try to “spend out.” I’m going to try to use certain things until they are all used up or all worn out. I won’t buy replacement until then, and perhaps not even then!

5 Things I Want To Spend Out To Save Money in 2021

Here are the things that I have too many / too much of right now. In other words, I can stop buying these things. I can use up what I have of each of them. I can spend out:

1. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

I’m always going to have extras of these at my house. After all, I really don’t want to run out. (If I’m honest, though, running out of paper towels isn’t that big of a deal. I could always use a dish towel or sponge instead.) Either way, I have too much of both of these things.

Luckily, the solution to this one is simple. I have these items set up on auto-subscribe. All I need to do is go into my account right now and change my shipment settings. I can delay the current shipment. Moreover, I can create more space between future shipments. I’ll get close to spending out before I get another package delivered.

2. Shampoo and Soaps

I like a very particular brand of shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, I always buy extras when they’re on sale. However, I have enough to not worry about it for a few months. I also have plenty hand soap, body soap, body wash, dish soap, and laundry soap. I can hold off buying any more. These are all on autoship as well. Therefore, it’s another easy fix.

3. Other Cleaning Supplies

I actually could stand to order some wet Swiffers. But I could also make do with the other similar supplies that I have instead. It would be a good way to easily save just a little bit of money. And I definitely have way too much of many other cleaning supplies including air freshener, spot cleaner, sponges, dishwashing gloves, and Drano. When did I become someone who has an abundance of these things?

Honestly, I want to get out of the habit of purchasing chemicals for cleaning. I want to go back to the basics of vinegar, baking soda, etc. Therefore, I truly want to spend out in this category and not purchase more.

4. Clothing and Shoes

My house is overflowing with clothes, including everything from nighties to jackets. Shoes, too. I wear all of the ones that I have. And yet this is an area where I tend to impulse buy a lot. I justify it by saying that since I buy secondhand or shop small, it’s a good purchase. But, I need to take a break from buying these things.

I’m going with the container method of decluttering in this category. You pick a space and that’s the container that you are allowed to fill. So, all of the shoes need to fit in the shoe rack. I’ll keep the ones that I love the most as long as they fit in the container. I’ll donate the rest. But before I do, I’ll enjoy them for a little bit longer. I’ll wear out the shoes and clothes and jackets a few more times, really get use out of them, then send them off to a new home.

5. Notebooks, Pens, and Craft Supplies

I have such a fondness for these things. And it shows, because I have soooooo many of them. It’s time to use what I have. Then, but only then, I can enjoy the fun of purchasing more.

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