5 ways a dashcam can help you after a crash

Cars these days come with so many mod-cons including the latest security and navigation technology, it makes getting from A to B so much easier and in some cases, safer. One of the latest on-trend pieces of technology that is proving popular right now is the dashcam. Once thought of as something only overly paranoid and safety-conscious drivers would have, now everyone is beginning to appreciate the importance and the value of these tiny little cameras. 

So, why are these little devices so important? If you’re involved in a car accident you’ll find out! 

They can prove who was at fault

If you’ve been in a car accident that wasn’t your fault – you can get in touch with Pintas and Mullins here, just click the link – then having a dashcam installed could put you in a really positive position. The footage captured on your dashcam could absolve you of any blame and ensure that the party at fault is clearly indicated. This kind of footage and proof is ideal for personal injury cases, the police and for presenting to your insurance company. 

You can help others 

If you witnessed an accident but weren’t involved in it, then your dashcam footage could be the key to helping another motorist clear their name and get the justice that they deserve. You may even be approached by a personal injury lawyer for your own statement or what happened and your video footage.

Monitor those who borrow your car

Has your brother asked to borrow your car? But it’s come back with mysterious scratches and damage he claims he knows nothing about? This is another example of your dashcam coming in handy. It allows you to monitor those who borrow your car and you’ll know who to let borrow your car in the future.

You can take still images

Some dash cams don’t just record but they also take stills. Which means that if something is happening, you can take a photograph rather than editing a whole video for a single shot. This is ideal for capturing evidence and important moments.

You can have them on various points of your car

Don’t be fooled by the name. You can, in fact, install dash cams throughout your vehicle. Many people opt to install them in the back of their car too, so they can prove someone was driving erratically or dangerously or prove that someone drove into them on purpose. 

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