6 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

Many people are constantly looking for ways to save money. Perhaps you have developed a budget that you intend to rely on. If you are looking for ways to save money, you may be overlooking your internet bill. Here’s a look at different ways that you can lower your internet bill.

1. Lower Your Internet Speed

There’s a possibility that you are paying for more internet data than you should. Consider reducing your RAM. If you free up room on your computer by reducing your RAM, you can reduce your internet speed without worrying about it negatively impacting your computer or online gameplay too much. The amount of RAM you need for your server depends on what you are running and the number of players. If you are playing on a small server, you may only need 2-3GB. It’s advised that you look over your current internet plan. Some providers let you pay to accumulate more data. Others will charge a fee if you exceed your data limit by a significant amount. If you’re not using more than 70% of data each month, then you’re paying too much for internet service. Lowering your data plan is one of the easiest ways to save money.

2. Purchase Your Own Modem

If you have used your current internet provider for several years, it may be in your best interest financially to purchase your own modem instead of renting one. Your internet bill includes a charge for renting equipment. If you have used the internet provider for several years, you’ve likely paid hundreds of dollars by now to rent the equipment. You can save money in the long run by buying your own modem. You’ll also have the ability to take it with you if you switch providers in the future, which ensures a smooth transition. Be aware though that some internet providers do not offer technical support if you are using your personal modem and router.

3. Bundling Service

Bundling your internet and TV service together can help you save over $50 per month. Take a close look at your bill before finalizing things. If the channels and networks being offered through the bundled service are different, then this may not be a smart investment. It’s also important to assess the cost of bundling coverage to the cost of purchasing TV and internet separately. Remember that not every bundle includes great service or a better deal.

4. Compare Rates

If your last contract has expired, you’re in a great position to shop around and find something that fits your budget. If you want to start fresh with a new internet service provider, you may be in luck. Many providers offer appealing deals to new customers. You should be in a good position to get a price lock guarantee.

5. Inquire About Potential Discounts

Securing every discount that you qualify for should be a priority if you are trying to save money. One of the easiest internet discounts to qualify for is through purchasing services online. Many internet service providers will waive your installation fees if you order the service online. If you don’t have online access, you may still qualify for a discount through purchasing service over the phone. If you’re looking for service and a holiday is approaching, you may be able to take advantage of that by qualifying for a special promotion.

6. Reduce Your Cell Phone Data

An often overlooked strategy that may help you save money is reducing your cell phone data. Consider adjusting your phone so that it uses each available Wi-Fi connection. As the next billing cycle approaches, check your data usage. Once you have a clear estimate regarding the amount of data you use each month, you can switch to a data-free plan and rely on different Wi-Fi connections. This hidden technique can help reduce your internet bill.

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