A Holiday Card Deal that Can’t Be Beat! Quantities Limited.

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Staplers, did you miss me?

It’s been a whirlwind week here at the Stapler Household, where we welcomed our newest member. We are completely in love, and totally overwhelmed! So, I’m popping onto the site to give you a quick heads-up on a limited-time offer that honestly can’t be beat.

Last year, Staples offered 50 holiday cards for $5 on Black Friday. This year, they’re doing it a little bit differently and offering them through Groupon. It’s a better setup than the Black Friday deal, because you may not have your holiday cards ready to order on Black Friday and I’m sure you have a lot of other things to do that weekend.

Here’s the deal: Buy a $10 Groupon for 50 cards. Share your link with friends, and get $5 back on your purchase when two or more people buy from your link. Buy 50 cards for $5 by using the link below — because enough people initially bought through my link, up to 10 more people can get the special $5 price! The deal expires on November 22, or until they are sold out. To get 100 cards for $10, order two Groupons for $10 each and four of your friends have to buy from your link for you to get a $10 discount.

I have ordered cards from Staples before and love the quality and quick turnaround time. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll print them again — and because you’re not ordering from some big warehouse 1,000 miles away, you can get your corrected cards within day.

To get 50 Holiday Cards for $5, click here!

Remember that this is a limited quantity offer, so grab your Groupon before they’re all sold out.

For an even sweeter deal, be sure to go through ebates for 6% cashback! (If you’re not already an ebates customer, sign up here and get a welcome bonus).

The Staples Black Friday ad has been released, as well. Take a peek if you like (click here), and stay tuned for my picks on what to get at Staples on Black Friday.

After you buy, feel free to post your link in the comments below and hopefully other visitors can help you get the discount too.

4 thoughts on “A Holiday Card Deal that Can’t Be Beat! Quantities Limited.

  1. Great deal, thanks for sharing! I don’t usually send out holiday cards (I’m so cheap and busy that I usually just create an email for family). This is a great deal though, and I hope plenty of people jump on it. I’ll promote a bit if that’s ok, I love for people to get great deals!

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