Affordable Healthcare Options

We have a lot of financial obligations. Not only do we have obligations to ensure we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies, but there’s so much more. One major financial responsibility includes healthcare. While many people get insurance through their jobs, not everyone does. For those who don’t, there are ways to get cheap healthcare. If you’re looking for more ways to get affordable healthcare or more affordable healthcare options, follow along.

Marketplace Insurance

If you make below a certain income, you can get health insurance through the marketplace. While not all the plans are ideal, they are very affordable. Such options allow you to be seen by primary care physicians and specialists while receiving quality care at a discount. Along with low copays and almost free medicines, it’s a top option for many families. Some of the more popular plans include Ambetter, where I’ve seen plans as low as $0 and $0 copay! It may not be the best healthcare option, but it is a win.

Self-Pay Discounts

I know many people without insurance, and it can be risky. If you are young and in great health, and health insurance is out of reach, there is always a self-pay option. It’s cost-effective for me because the occasional doctor’s visit costs me $60 out of pocket. Self-pay means that you, and not a private or public agency, will be paying on your behalf through insurance or other means. People who self-pay typically get a discount on services. Discounts do not just apply to seeing your primary care physician. People who self-pay are also eligible for discounts on surgeries, x-rays, diagnostics procedures, and so much more.

Along with self-pay, you can even find better affordable options for doctors. There are a lot of doctors that operate practices online. There is a small fee, but they provide similar care, at more affordable prices. They can still have a one-on-one virtual visit with you and prescribe medications if you should need them. Aside from getting a doctor online, you can also order your labs without going through a doctor. Sites like Labcorps and Quest Diagnostics you covered.

Discount Medication

A lot of people rely on insurance to cover medication costs. However, they can be affordable even without insurance. So, what affordable care options are available? There are a lot of websites and retailers that can help with this. Stores like Kroger and Publix offer some of the most commonly prescribed medications for $0 with a prescription. Also, a lot of pharmaceutical companies will offer co-pay cards or discounts to eligible consumers. The cards reduce the cost of medications drastically. Another popular website that people like to use is GoodRx. On there, you can effectively comparison shop to find the best place to get your prescriptions filled.

Above are just a select few affordable care options, do you know of more? If so, drop a comment below.

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