Working A Job You Hate For Great Pay?

Jobs generate income, which allows us to pay for housing, food, bills, and fun life experiences. Without a job or other source of income, we would have a hard time getting by. Many people go with careers and jobs that earn them a lot of money relative to their education and experience. They believe that in doing so, they can afford the great lifestyle that they want. However, what about when you are working a job you hate for great pay? What kind of effect does it have on you? And is it really a Read more [...]

Taking The Next Steps

Do you ever sit around and contemplate your life choices? Do you think about where you are now and where you want to be? Are you envisioning and embodying exactly what you want, or are you very far from that? Sometimes we enable ourselves to be stuck when we need to be taking the next steps. If you’re contemplating how you should proceed in your life, this is for you. What Do You Want? The first thing that you need to do is take stock of what you Read more [...]

Realize Your Own Potential

I had a relaxing time at the beach over the weekend for my friend's birthday. I love the clarity of the vibrant clear water and just the vibe it was giving off. It was so calming and relaxing. I was able to sit with myself and ponder life. One thing that crossed my mind was people's potential. Often, we look at people around us and admire what they have. We also doubt ourselves and our ability to reach their perceived level of success. But we have to stop this, and we have to realize our potential. Here’s Read more [...]

Stock Insights For The Week

The stock market has been up and down. I find myself at a loss for some of my stocks. How is your week in the market going? Even if you up or down, the stock market performs in the long run. If you're looking for value stocks, what to rebalance, and what to hold, look no more. Here are a few stock insights for the week. What's Hot This Week? This week people are watching AI closely. With the use of ChatGPT and other AI applications taking over, it's Read more [...]

Exploring TikTok Side Hustles

TikTok is a fun app. It is a source of entertainment in my life. I can get all kinds of information on cooking instructionals, navigating the daily grind, clothing options, vacation destinations, and so much more. One thing that I have run to TikTok for is ideas on side hustles. While exploring TikTok side hustles, I found some great ideas detailed below. Ice Cream Cart One of the things I keep seeing time and time again is ice cream carts. There Read more [...]

Check Your Stock Portfolio

The market has been up and down over the last couple of years. The Coronavirus shook all of our portfolios, most often for the worst. Over the last couple of months, there have been some gains made. These gains are one of the few reasons you should check your stock portfolio. Gains The number one reason to check your accounts is for gains and losses. I have about four stock portfolio accounts, and I checked them all last week. Several of them were Read more [...]

Best Ways To Fund Your Birthday

My birthday is several months away, but my boyfriend's is tomorrow. That means we will spend the day out, blow some money, and have a good time. With a birthday extravaganza and other life events, I always advocate for a budget. You need to budget for the fun you wish to have and do so in advance. If birthday expenses are not in your budget, here is your sign to add them. Keep reading for the best ways to fund your birthday.   High Read more [...]

Shop For Car Insurance

My auto insurance just renewed, and it went up again! It seems like every time I turn around insurance fees are getting higher and higher. What can be done about this? I’ve heard time and time again that you should shop around for car insurance. If you have to but don’t know why or haven’t, follow along for why it’s good advice. Pricing Structure The biggest reason to shop for auto insurance is that prices vary by company. Each company has Read more [...]

Free Market Insights

The stock market is a scary place. We have all started from the bottom, and some of us have yet to start because the idea of putting our money in the stock market seems monumental. Most of us don’t understand what the market is, how it works, and how we can make a return on our investment. One way to know more about the market is by using consumer-friendly investment services and looking for market insights. Here are a few places to get free market insights today. Stocktwits Stocktwits Read more [...]

When Should You Hire A Tax Professional?

Tax season is among us. Most people have gathered and submitted theirs, but not everyone has! I am still in the information-gathering stage, and it’s already becoming overwhelming! Wondering if I should do them myself or not got me thinking, when should you hire a tax professional? Lack Of Time The reason most people hire tax professionals is that they don’t have time to do it themselves! That is where I fall. I have so much going on with work that Read more [...]