Betterment Review

Robo-advisors are rapidly disrupting the trading sector. With nearly every investment firm toting an algorithm-fueled machine that can analyze your portfolio and advise on what trades to buy, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to invest with. Betterment is one of these robo-advisors claiming to use the technology with more sophistication than its other automated management competitors. Does the functionality live up the hype? We take a closer look. Betterment counts over 200,00 clients Read more [...]

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays

Who knows when it became an unofficial-tradition, but for decades restaurants have been serving kids meals for free on Tuesdays. Both national and regional chains have incentive programs to give parents a financial break and their kids a slice of pizza or a burger that they might not have been able to afford otherwise. No matter where you live, there’s bound to be a restaurant in your area that offers free meals to youth on Tuesdays. Here’s our list: Denny’s. One of the original pancake Read more [...]

Can You Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card?

You found your dream house. Now how do you pay for it? Sending off regular checks to your mortgage lender is the most conventional way, but our financial system has leeway for creativity. For example, paying off your mortgage with a credit card is a clever way to earn cash-back rewards and points, but is it possible? Racking up rewards on your credit card is an easy way to get free or very cheap flights, or redeem points for groceries and gas. Those points and rewards would multiply even quicker Read more [...]

Effective Ways To Get Rich Fast

Ken Fisher knows how to make money. The Forbes columnist and investment mogul has established himself as the authority on how to manage and grow your money. In his book “The 10 Roads to Riches” he lays down the most sure-fire routes to putting those extra zeroes in your bank account. Although Fisher is considered a viable expert in the finance world, how reliable are his methods? Let’s determine if his approaches are truly effective ways to get rich fast. Road number 1: “Start a successful Read more [...]

The Top 6 Completely Free Hobbies You Can Start Today

Wondering what to do with our free time has always been an anxiety-provoking question. Surfing the internet and watching television for hours can only stave off boredom for so long. Yet, signing up skiing lessons or a pottery class are expensive ventures that might just fuel that anxiety even more. So how can we expand our minds without breaking the bank? Here are some completely free hobbies. Book club. A book club requires two things: a library card and a group of friends and acquaintances who Read more [...]

Is Robert Mfune a Scam Artist?

The legendary heroes of those get-quick-rich-schemes are usually exactly just that — legends. Yet, who doesn’t love to hear a rags-to-riches story — regardless if it’s true or not? This is how Robert Mfune quickly become a tabloid sensation. Mfune allegedly got his start in the investment world when he was 16. While balancing a job at McDonalds and a full course load in high school, Mfune says he managed to find time to become well versed in the stock market. Although his tale is nothing Read more [...]

Is Lasik Worth It?

Modern technology has made our lives exponentially easier. We now have self-driving cars and watches that can track how many calories we’ve burned every day. Yet, when it comes to getting rid of our glasses or contacts and undergoing Lasik surgery, so many of us are afraid to take the plunge. The idea of a laser slicing and reshaping our corneal tissue is downright scary, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because it’s a major financial commitment. So, is Lasik worth it? Let’s Read more [...]

How Much to Give for a Graduation Gift?

On average, Americans spend a collective $4.8 billion in graduation gifts a year. That’s a scary figure for estimating a gift to your niece or grandson who is about to graduate. It’s tradition to send your graduating loved one a check — a tiny yet thoughtful gesture to offset the major loans they’re about to pay off. But how much is too much and what amount comes off as ‘cheap’? Here are some tips on how to figure out how much to give as a graduation gift. Relationship to graduate. Read more [...]

How Make Money as a YouTuber

Google ‘how much money do YouTubers make’ and you’re bound to get many pages of results. Everyone wants to know how these self-created virtual stars make the big bucks. Jenna Marbles is one of those YouTubers whose financial success is a big question to many. Marbles’ comedic skits and monologues meshed with her genius social media marketing skills have earned her a top spot in YouTuber royalty. Marbles, who borrowed her stage last name from her Chihuahua, has produced hundreds of videos Read more [...]