You Might Not Need to Make Big Changes for Productivity When These Small Ones Will Do

In business, you are always told to think big. Managers are often berated for not thinking big enough. Even if our ideas are impractical, we are told to dream big. Thinking small is often discouraged. Some people are pejoratively labeled as being small-minded. You don’t want it said that you are a small person in a big job. When judged, athletes tend to get lower scores for taking only small risks. No one ever says to go small or go home. This cultural bias favoring big over small might cause Read more [...]

5 Factors That Can Derail Your Efforts to Go Debt-Free

Have you ever dreamed of living debt-free? It can seem like an impossible goal, but it's easier than you might think. Many factors cause people to get into more debt and make it hard to pay off the existing balance. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of these factors and how they can derail your efforts to go debt-free. Untreated drug or alcohol addiction Untreated drug or alcohol addiction can quickly spiral out of control and cause people to rack up debt. In addition, it is difficult Read more [...]

How to Achieve Financial Success as a Small Business Owner

Effective business management is the key to achieving financial success as a small business owner. Many small business owners lack the basic financial principles essential to building a sound company structure and obtaining long-term financing. The following information will provide several ideas on how to achieve financial success as a small business owner. Streamline Your Marketing to Save Time and Money Marketing is a very integral activity for small businesses that want to become financially Read more [...]

5 Affordable Ways to Enjoy the Finer Things on a Budget

Paying off debt isn’t glamorous, but it’s necessary if you want to live in greater financial freedom. Being on a tight budget often feels like a total buzzkill. No more Starbucks coffee, no more going out to eat unless it’s for something very special, and no more luxurious trips. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are plenty of ways to enjoy some of the finer things from home without breaking the bank. You can still make budget-friendly decisions that give you a sense of freedom Read more [...]

How To Generate More Money From Your Small Business

Are you struggling to generate income from your small business? Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you need to earn more to accommodate changes in your personal life, cover company debts, or expand operations. Whatever the case is, the money isn’t coming fast enough, and it’s starting to weigh on you. Although you may be at a standstill financially, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are practical ways to make your small business more profitable. Continue reading to learn more. Assess Read more [...]

These Are Things You Shouldn’t Accept for Free or Cheap

As much as we like getting free things, we have to remember the ancient wisdom: When you accept something that costs nothing, you get what you pay for. We can compare that to modern wisdom: When a company gives you something for free, you are not the customer; you’re the product. Both are true. They should serve as warnings not to take candy from strangers. But we like the candy so much, we are willing to ignore all that wisdom so that we can take all that offered candy for the low, low price of Read more [...]

Tips For Getting Your Financial House In Order In 2022

With the new year less than two months away, it is ideal to start taking an interest in our money management and personal finance. Mainly to ensure you are on track and uncover areas that require improvement looking ahead. It is good practice to keep your financial house in order, and 2022 will need extra attention to get there due to the pandemic's impact on finances this year. Fortunately, by applying the following tips in your financial check process, you can set a strong foundation for your financial Read more [...]

Tips To Building Back Good Credit

Rebuilding your credit can actually be more difficult than starting from scratch. You are trying to show credit lenders that you can make future payments and you are responsible with your finances although you had a slip up in the past. Building credit is like building trust. If you break someone's trust by lying to them it will take them some time to trust you again and they will want noteworthy actions to prove that you’ve changed. The same goes for building credit, the lenders won’t trust Read more [...]

Ways To Manage Your eCommerce Site On A Budget

Online stores or eCommerce sites have become an increasingly popular avenue for entrepreneurs that want to start a business on a budget. Operating virtually is a lot easier to start and more affordable than opening a brick-and-mortar location. There’s also the increased accessibility to target audiences. Be that as it may, operating an eCommerce site does come with expenses. If you’re an entrepreneur working with limited funds, these suggestions can save you money. Choose The Right Payment Read more [...]

How To Live Debt-Free

We all know that some debt may be necessary for business and life, but how we minimize that debt is most important. There are two types of debts; one -- a personal debt -- can be burdensome and bad, the other is a type of debt that can be beneficial to your business. Identifying the two types of debt, bad debt versus good debt, is essential to understand. Bad Debts To Avoid Examples of bad debts could be credit cards, payday loans, other personal loans with high APR (Annual Percentage Rates), Read more [...]