What To Do When You Run Out of Retirement Money

Most people work late into life, saving up for retirement along the way. Whether you retire early or late or at a typical age, you probably expect to stop working from that point on. However, it doesn't always work out that way. You might get bored and want to work. Or, unfortunately, you might run out of retirement money and need to work. What should you do if the latter scenario happens to you? First, Don't Panic Many of us were raised on a very traditional work model. You got a job as a teenager, Read more [...]

Applying Budgeting to Time, Energy, and Space

In recent months, I've done a lot of things that I felt obligated to do. I wouldn't say that I regret these things. For example, I attended several weddings, including destination weddings. I was glad to do so in order to support my friends and make my partner happy. However, it got me thinking a lot about the things that I had to reduce or give up in order to make time, energy, and space for those. And it got me thinking about how to apply financial budgeting knowledge to budgeting these slightly Read more [...]

How To Make Money on Licensing Rights

You can make a nice amount of passive income through licensing rights. There are two options. First, you can license your own ideas. Second, you can purchase licensing rights. In both instances, you can make money on licensing rights. Let's explore all of this a little bit more. What Are Licensing Rights? Licensing rights are agreements that one party makes with another about how they can use and make money off of the first person's ideas and/or products. Of course, there are many different ways Read more [...]

10 Online Frugal Community You Should Follow Now

It's not always easy sticking to a plan to save money. There are just too many temptations to slip away from your goals. However, you can boost your chances of success with some good habits. For example, you can get the support of an online frugal community to help reduce the likelihood of slipping. There are some great ones out there for you to check out. How An Online Frugal Community Helps You There are, of course, many different types of online communities. Therefore, you'll have to figure Read more [...]

7 Myths About Salary Increase

Obviously, everyone wants to get a raise. After all, more money can't hurt right? Well, that's true as long as there are no strings attached. However, usually we find strings attached. A new salary usually means a new job or at least new responsibilities. Sometimes, they aren't worth the raise. So, make sure that you consider these myths about salary increase before you accept. Myth: A Higher Salary Makes You Happier This is one of the most prevalent myths about salary increase opportunities. Read more [...]

Path Social Doesn’t Work For Real Instagram Growth

There are many great reasons to grow an Instagram account. Therefore, I decided to try Path Social, a service that supposedly helps you grow your organic following. However, I was unhappy with their service. So, I thought I'd let you know more about them in case you're considering trying them out. Why Grow Instagram I have several different Instagram accounts. I signed up for Path Social with two of them in an effort to grow the engagement and followers on the site. Here's why: One is a Read more [...]

Natural and Cheap Appliance Stain Remover

Appliances, especially stainless steel appliances, do get dirty. You want to clean them so that they shine. However, you want to be gentle with them so that you don't scratch them. These natural and cheap appliance stain remover ideas will help you get the job done. 9 Natural and Cheap Appliance Stain Remover Ideas You can easily make natural and cheap appliance stain remover using products that you probably already have in your home. Here are nine good options from Smart House, Smart Living: 1. Read more [...]

Payment Plan for Taxes

I did my taxes! Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to complete them before the deadline this year. I even looked into filing an extension. However, I decided to just carve out the time and get it done. I'm relieved that I finished them. However, I owe more money this year than I expected. Therefore, I had to figure out how to work out a payment plan with the IRS. It turns out that there are several options. How I Usually Pay My Taxes I'm self-employed. Therefore, I usually pay Read more [...]

Productive Activities That Don’t Cost Money

Sometimes it can feel like you have to spend money in order to be productive. However, there are actually so many different productive activities that don't cost money at all. This list will get you started with ideas to stay busy, enjoy life, progress personally and professionally, and yet not spend money. Start At The Library I am a huge fan of the public library. If you don't visit yours, then now is the time to start. At any public library you can: Read books (hat tip to kidwealth.com Read more [...]