10 Super Easy Ways to Cut Your Bills in Half

Monthly expenses seem like they’re out of control? Think you’ve already found ways to cut your bills and can’t do any more? You might be surprised at how many more ways you can cut your bills in half. And if you find all of these not surprising, leave a comment below and let us know what are some ways you’ve been able to cut your bills in half. Carpool or Ride your Bike Yeah, sounds obvious, but in the days of Uber and Lyft, people forget that it takes  a few minutes to ask around Read more [...]

Why You Need to Stop Buying Gifts This Christmas

As the holidays are approaching, it’s natural to get a bit stressed about it all. Sure, it’s a time of cheer, baking and get-togethers with friends and family, but there’s also shopping for presents. And for the average folk, lots of lots of presents. Sure, everybody’s doing it, but does that mean you have to? Is it possible to not give any gifts this Christmas? Mindless Shopping Some of us feel pressured about getting gifts for everyone that you know. Their friends, family, neighbors, Read more [...]

5 Surprising Ways to Know if a Budget Isn’t Right For You

Learning how to stick to a budget is tried and true advice when it comes to getting better with your finances. But are there occasions when you feel like that budget isn’t right for you? In other words, do you get too stressed out about it or feel like giving up even after months of tweaking and sticking to it? You’re not alone. Creating a sticking to a budget isn’t easy but it might not be that you’re bad at budgeting. It could simply be that the budget you have isn’t working for Read more [...]