Here are 5 Digital Nomads You Should Follow for Financial Success


becoming a digital nomad

Thanks to the rise of the gig economy, more people are unchaining themselves from traditional workplaces and the standard 9-to-5 experience. Instead, crafting your own career that provides you with flexibility and financial success is all the rage. Thankfully, plenty of people have started down or are well-established on that road.

By following certain digital nomads – the skilled professionals who took their life down this interesting path – you can learn about how they make it work. Then, you can use their techniques to start your own journey. With that in mind, here are five digital nomads you should follow for financial success.

1. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, the author of Four Hour Work Week, is incredibly popular in the realms of productivity and professional success. He is a big advocate for not assuming you have to follow convention, particularly when it comes to entrepreneurship and taking control of your own destiny.

Following Tim Ferriss is a breeze, as he has an account on every major social media platform and a few websites. Plus, you can catch his podcasts on his site, giving you tons of options for learning from this innovator.

2. Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is one of the very few people that can say they have visited every country on the planet, and he did it all while making money through side hustles, blogging, and living a “non-conformist” lifestyle.

He’s a major supporter of not staying in a job that leaves you feeling stuck, and showcases how it is possible to become a digital nomad and literally travel all around the world. Along with his blog, you can also find Chris Guillebeau on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you have a lot of options for following him.

3. Cody McKibben

Cody McKibben never opted for the traditional work situation. Instead, he finished college and began his life as a digital nomad, choosing a path that is certainly less traveled, including in comparison to others who eventually turned to self-employment to live the life of their dreams.

He later founded HERO Foundry, and strive to empower entrepreneurs and transform the world, one person at a time. You can follow him through HERO Foundry on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and enjoy the HERO Project Podcast online.

4. Lea and Jonathan Woodward

If you want to use remote work to support your own nomadic lifestyle, the Woodward’s know exactly what you are hoping to accomplish. This couple decided to look at some life changes, including a corporate layoff, as an opportunity, choosing to forge ahead with a location independent life.

You can follow this pair on Facebook and Twitter, giving you a chance to see where life has taken them and how they have thrived along the way.

5. Becky and Paul Kortman

The Kortman family started off as a couple, both embracing the nomadic lifestyle. As their family grew, they quickly discovered that they couldn’t find the information or resources they needed to thrive now that children were in the equation. So, instead of resigning themselves to the situation, they decided to do something about it.

The Nomad Together podcast is the brainchild of the Kortman family. They discuss how to be successful while staying on the road, including as professionals and as parents. You can also join their Facebook group, giving you a place to join engaging conversations about the digital nomad lifestyle.

If you want to be a digital nomad and achieve financial success, consider following everyone listed above. They can provide you with powerful insights and tips to help you navigate the challenges of earning a living and embracing life as a long-term traveler, ensuring you can get the most out of your experience and eliminate financial stress.

Is there another digital nomad you would have added to the list? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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