Best Ways To Fund Your Birthday

My birthday is several months away, but my boyfriend’s is tomorrow. That means we will spend the day out, blow some money, and have a good time. With a birthday extravaganza and other life events, I always advocate for a budget. You need to budget for the fun you wish to have and do so in advance.

If birthday expenses are not in your budget, here is your sign to add them. Keep reading for the best ways to fund your birthday.


High Yield Savings Accounts

High-yield savings accounts work best when I am trying to budget money for independent categories. Working with a bank that allows you to set individual goals and automatic deposits will always be superior. Think about what kind of birthday fun you wish to have. Are you going on a trip? Out to eat? Staying in and ordering out? Determine how much money you need and divide that by the number of months left until your big day. Then set automatic monthly deposits into your account for equal amounts, and don’t touch it until party time.

Save Your Cash and Gifts

I am a person who is cashless and does not like gift cards. However, I receive a few of those kinds of gifts each year. If this is your life and you are gifted cash and gift cards throughout the year, save them. They are beneficial because you do not have to come out of your pocket for them. You can use the restaurant cards to grab a birthday meal, shopping cards to buy a new outfit and accessories, and cash to fund your birthday entertainment. I have about $200 worth of food gift cards lying around my house that I will likely put toward a birthday dinner. Stray cash and cash gifts I store in a foe atm for special occasions.

Lookout For Freebies

While this is not budget or savings-related, look for freebies on your birthday. Many companies give special deals to birthday boys and girls on their special month or day. There are many lists about this online, and I have even tagged one I have written in the past below. Some of your favorite companies that offer birthday freebies include Starbucks, Red Robin, Ruby Tuesday, Benihana, and Jersey Mike’s. With these companies, you get free coffee, sandwiches, and meals.

Everyone’s birthday is worth a celebration. Instead of waiting till the last minute, get your funds in order today by using these tips on the best ways to fund your birthday.

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