Best YouTube Channels About Investing

If you are like me, one day you hope to retire. I would like to retire very early so I can enjoy life longer. To meet our retirement goals, we must have savings. How do we save? We do so by squirreling away a portion of our check each month into a savings account or high-yield savings account. Simple savings alone is good, but it won’t get you to your goal quicker. For that, you need to invest. Check out some of the best YouTube channels about investing to start your journey.

Graham Stephan

I only watch a few Channels, and he is one of my personal favorites. Graham is a millennial, frugal real estate investor. He discusses many financial topics on his channel. Topics include Milineal spending in various cities, investment platform reviews, and investing in general. For investments, his videos focus on purchasing real estate property and passive income. You can check out his channel here.

The Monk Way

If you are interested in the stock market, this channel is for you. The Monk Way offers insights on some of the most popular stocks being traded. They offer some stock analysis and offer a lot of helpful tutorials for beginners. Some topics covered include stock valuation ratio, how to research stocks, and the best dividend stocks. It is a simple channel for people who are looking for a simple start to investing.

The Plain Bagel

The Plain Bagel is another great, simple channel for investors. You can learn about the basics of the stock market, options trading, and other financial topics. The site also features videos discussing history’s role in the stock market by breaking down big events like the Great Depression and Housing Market Crash. The Channel has cute animated graphics and breaks down each topic in an easy to understand way.

Other notable YouTube Channels include WealthTrack, CNBC Make It, Nate O’Brian, and Andrei Jikh. These are some of the best YouTube channels about investing, but there are others. Drop a comment below and let us know what your favorite Youtube investment channel is.

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