Can You Refuse to Show Your Id for Credit Card Purchases?

Many of us are shopping these days for essential items and leisure items to keep us entertained while we are still amid a shutdown. When you go out to the store, you will probably be tempted to use your credit card. At checkout, they may ask for your Id. In some cases, you may wonder do you need an Id for a credit card purchase? I’m here to answer that question.

Do You Need an Id?

The simple answer is no. You are not legally required to show your id when asked, on credit card purchases. In fact, Visa and Mastercard have rules against this practice. Both credit card issuers, state that merchants may ask to see Id but that it is not required to make a purchase if the purchasers refuse. The only exception to this for Visa is instances of known fraud. The exception for Mastercard is when it is required to complete the purchase for shipping purposes. You can check out these rules here.

What Should You Do if Asked for Id?

You can ask to talk with a manager if the cashier refuses your purchase. Gently remind them of the credit issuers’ rules regarding the use of ID when making a purchase. You can sign the back of your card. In most instances, if the card is signed they can not ask for identification. If your card is unsigned, they may ask you to sign it in their presence and show Id to verify you are the owner of the card. This is in agreement with most credit issuers merchant agreement terms.

Some merchants have their own rule regarding credit purchases, and some states may as well. Be sure to read up on your local and state laws regarding the issue, to be sure you are following the rules too. Check out the posted video for more information on the topic.

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