Can You Scan Grocery Receipts for Cashback?

There are many ways to save on the products you purchase at the store. You can use coupons for them or find a great sale. You can also find a good rebate for them. I’ve purchased home appliances near free using this method. One of the best ways to save is through the use of cashback. Many people often wonder, can you scan grocery receipts for cashback? The answer is yes. Follow along for cashback apps you can do this on.


Ibotta is my all-time favorite cashback app. It is a simple platform that’s easy to use for a first-timer. After setting up the application on your phone or the web, simply choose the store or stores you would like to shop at. Then browse through the deals to add them to your account. Sometimes you can click to add, other times you may be required to watch a short clip, review an ad, or answer a short questionnaire. Once added, just head to the store to shop. After you shop, head home to redeem your cash back by uploading your receipt and matching offers. If you have a loyalty account at some stores like Publix, your savings are automatic at checkout.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another good reward cashback app. It allows you to upload any receipt from any store to earn points. That means you can upload grocery receipts and receipts from drug stores and big-box retailers. You can submit 14 receipts in a seven day period. You can also upload receipts from online purchases by connecting your Amazon account and personal email address. When you rack up enough points, you can redeem your points for gift cards, subscriptions, and sweepstakes entries. Another site that offers a similar receipt scan and rewards option is ReceiptPal.


Another great source of grocery receipts for cashback is Checkout 51. Their platform doesn’t require to many steps. Once you sign up for the platform, you will see a list of products that have corresponding cashback. You can add the items to your list. Redemption rules and limits are found by clicking on the deal you wish to view. After shopping in-store you hit the redeem button. Click on the product on your list you purchased then hit continue to upload your receipt and submit.  The app now features online shopping offers, pharmacy card savings, and gas-saving options.

For more options check out the posted video. It details other apps that allow you to upload grocery receipts for cashback.

Lastly, another great way to save money is too use cash back sites.  Cash back sites are vintage, but the technology works.  Some good ones are, BeFrugal, Rakuten and MrRebates.

Finally if want more reads on this, has an excellent list of microincome and microsavings apps.

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