Financial Tips For The Holidays

We have several more holidays that are up and coming. Next week is Thanksgiving, Christmas is in a month, and then there’s New Year’s. All these holidays bring families together to share experiences, gifts, and each other’s company. The holidays also mean spending a lot of money. If you’re trying to combat how much money you’re spending, and find alternative methods for doing so, follow along for financial tips for the holidays. Maintaining Read more [...]

Roll Back With These Thanksgiving Savings

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, and I know you guys are not ready. I have just settled on my menu, but I have absolutely nothing in my fridge. Shopping for the holidays can get expensive, so I know you all are looking for Thanksgiving meal deals. And lucky for you lots of stores are prepared. If you follow along, you’ll learn which stores are rolling back with these thanksgiving savings. Aldi Aldi’s was all over the news a few days ago. Read more [...]

6 Ways to Fight Debt and Lower Your Medical Bills

Medical debt can be extremely stressful to deal with, especially because it comes at a time when you need to be recovering. The good news is that there are a few ways you can go about lowering your medical bills and reducing your medical debt. 1. Get on a Budget One of the best ways to get control of your debt is to create a budget. When you know where your money is going, it's easier to make adjustments to ensure that you're making debt payments a priority. If you're not sure how to get started, Read more [...]

Consider These Side Hustles, Today!

Who doesn’t love extra money, 'cause I know I do? I’m always trying to think of new ways I can add money to my bank account. I have thought of several ideas, although my follow-through is trash. If you’re looking for some new ways to earn money and have that get-up-and-go attitude, consider these side hustles today! Bar Cart Rental A bar rental business setup is a great way to earn extra income. For the most part, the items that you need are one-time purchases. You may need extra glassware, Read more [...]

What Can You Do About Rising Rent?

Rent is getting ridiculous right now, with prices soaring just as fast as interest rates and housing prices. Rent has always risen when it was time to renew, but I only remember mine going up by about $50 a year. Now landlords are going way up, renewing homes and apartments more than $300 above the current rate. While some people can pay, that puts a lot of low-income earners at risk of losing their homes. In the last couple of weeks, several people have told me their rent has risen. They don’t Read more [...]

6 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

Many people are constantly looking for ways to save money. Perhaps you have developed a budget that you intend to rely on. If you are looking for ways to save money, you may be overlooking your internet bill. Here's a look at different ways that you can lower your internet bill. 1. Lower Your Internet Speed There's a possibility that you are paying for more internet data than you should. Consider reducing your RAM. If you free up room on your computer by reducing your RAM, you can reduce your internet Read more [...]

Don’t Invest in What You Don’t Need

From clothes to cars, it seems like you are constantly being bombarded with messages about what you should buy. While it's important to invest in quality items that will last, it's just as important not to fall into the trap of buying things you don't need. Just because something is trendy or comes with a hefty price tag doesn't mean it's a wise investment. Before spending your hard-earned money, you should ask yourself a few questions. 1. Do You Really Need This? The first question you should Read more [...]

Can You Curb Overspending?

I am not a personal fan of having a budget. Instead, I typically set everything from bills to savings and investments on auto-draft. Whatever is left after my responsibilities are taken care of, I spend on whatever I want. However, with the use of credit cards and not actively checking my card balance, sometimes I overspend. If you frequently overspend and need some tips, here are a few ways to curb overspending. Set A Budget While I am not a personal Read more [...]

Feeling The Pinch of Price Hikes?

It seems like the cost of everything is going up lately. I can’t tell you how many times I look at something and think about how much cheaper it was a few years ago. It seems like overnight, things have just gotten more and more costly, but is there anything we can do about it? Are you guys feeling the pinch of price hikes? Find out how I’ve been affected and how I combat the hikes below. My Thoughts Right now, I’m seeing things go up. I’m Read more [...]

10 Online Frugal Community You Should Follow Now

It's not always easy sticking to a plan to save money. There are just too many temptations to slip away from your goals. However, you can boost your chances of success with some good habits. For example, you can get the support of an online frugal community to help reduce the likelihood of slipping. There are some great ones out there for you to check out. How An Online Frugal Community Helps You There are, of course, many different types of online communities. Therefore, you'll have to figure Read more [...]