Christmas Mistakes To Avoid

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and I can honestly say that I have gone crazy this year. I will say that I don’t have a budget because most of my things are automated and I didn’t go above my means, but I’ve spent the most this year than I ever have. Normally, I opt for coupons and deals to find luxe products at a reduced cost. This time I didn’t do that at all. I got people what they wanted at whatever price it was at the time. I was ready to buy gifts so I can get shopping over with. Read more [...]

Financial Benefits of Not Owning a Smartphone

Smartphones are everything. We can’t go a moment without picking up our phones. We’re constantly browsing through social media, looking at things, engaging with our friends and families, and doing so much more. Most of us couldn’t imagine our lives without it. It’s literally our lifeline, but does it have to be? Are there financial benefits of not owning a smartphone? Let’s find out. Save You Money I will say if I didn’t have a smartphone, Read more [...]

Save Up For The Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner. Hopefully, you have saved some money and are ready to go. If you haven't, and are in a mad dash, sorry. It's tough out there and snagging deals can be even harder if you do not know where to look. While I am good to go, I'm jumping ahead to help you save up for the holidays next year. Follow along for information on where you can park your cash and maybe generate decent interest, as you prepare for the next holiday season. Blue Read more [...]

Is It Ok to Splurge?

Life is hard. You get up every day, work hard, and go above and beyond to get everything you want. When you work so hard to meet your goals, sometimes you feel bad about rewarding yourself. At what point is it ok to splurge on yourself? Do you have to meet every goal you set for yourself, or do you treat yourself along the way? Personally, I say treat yourself especially for the reasons below. Are Your Finances In Order? Before splurging on yourself, Read more [...]

10 Places To Find Free Entertainment

It's easy to spend a lot of money on entertainment. I know that I can quickly slip into spending on fun. However, there are so many places to find free entertainment. It really doesn't make sense to spend a lot when you can do so much for free! Here are our top ten places to places to find free entertainment: 1. Library I am a huge fan of my local library. Yes, it's a great place to borrow books for free. And yes, that's great free entertainment. But they also offer so much more. You can borrow Read more [...]

How To Reduce Meat Consumption To Save Money 

Meat is a staple in the modern diet. It provides our body with a great deal of protein and other nutrients. The problem with meat consumption, however, is the high costs. While some cuts of meat like ground turkey and chicken legs are cost-effective, many are not. Meat is the most costly item going into my grocery cart and makes up the largest part of my grocery budget. If this is true for you, here’s info on how to reduce meat consumption to save money. Fish When meat kills the budget, Read more [...]

I Like Inbox Dollars Even Though I Don’t Think It’s a Money Maker

You've probably heard of InboxDollars. It's a website / app that you can use to earn extra money. The idea is that you perform a variety of tasks, for which you get paid. I had used it briefly in the past then deleted it. Recently I decided to try it out again. I've come to the conclusion that there are certain things I like about it. Nevertheless, it's probably never going to provide good side hustle income for me. What is Inbox Dollars? It's an app where you sign up for free then you have the Read more [...]

How To Prepare For A Travel Emergency

Have you all been looking at the travel news lately? Spirit and American Airlines have been making headlines, and not for the right reasons. While problems they are facing are being faced by every major airline, they are getting most of the bad publicity. Some speculated that airline workers and pilots were on strike, but that is not the case. Due to staffing shortages, American Airlines has had to cancel and delay more than 3,000 flights since August first, while spirit canceled close to 400. This Read more [...]

Five Affordable Neighborhoods in the Eighth Most Expensive City

Everyone knows that Southern California is an expensive place to live. The rent is high and so is the cost of living. People pay top dollar for the amazing weather, proximity to just about everything you could need, and miles and miles of coastline. While most places in the area are quite expensive, you can find some affordable neighborhoods in the San Diego suburbs. San Diego County is so much bigger than the city and other pricey neighborhoods like La Jolla. Below are five quite affordable options Read more [...]