Getting Your Trucking Company Off the Ground

The trucking industry happens to be one of the more profitable industries in the nation and contributes quite a bit to the economy. One main reason is that this country has quite a robust infrastructure of major highways and roads, making trucking one of the best ways to transport freight. Statistics show that the trucking industry is responsible for hauling 71% of the freight in the US, which roughly translates to more than $700 billion in products and goods shipped per year. That said, there’s Read more [...]

Your Law Firms Needs This Technology Now

Having just the ideal legal tech might just be the right equalizer for quite a few law firms, and assist them with being more efficient, better satisfying their clients, researching their cases faster, tackling their tasks more easily, and maintaining an output that allows them to compete with larger firms. Legal tech can also give the staff in your office the ability to work in remote locations and have work hours that are more flexible. There are quite a few tech solutions and types of legal Read more [...]

Applying Budgeting to Time, Energy, and Space

In recent months, I've done a lot of things that I felt obligated to do. I wouldn't say that I regret these things. For example, I attended several weddings, including destination weddings. I was glad to do so in order to support my friends and make my partner happy. However, it got me thinking a lot about the things that I had to reduce or give up in order to make time, energy, and space for those. And it got me thinking about how to apply financial budgeting knowledge to budgeting these slightly Read more [...]

Get Your Partner On The Same Financial Page

Getting your finances together can be challenging. It’s all about realizing what mistakes you made, figuring out what to do about them, and never making the mistakes again. It’s a time of growth and renewal, but once you are there, you’re in it for the long haul. That makes it even more important that you find someone with the same financial mind that you have. However, that’s not always the case. But what can you do to get your partner on the same financial page if they are not quite there? Read more [...]

Real Estate or Stocks? Differences for Investing 

It's a question that has crossed the minds of many: should I invest in stocks or real estate? Both carry the potential to provide you with financial benefit in the long run. Still, it can be arduous to pin down the right choice especially being a beginner.  Keeping all in view, we'll compare and contrast the two investment options, making it easier to decide where to put your money.   What Are Stocks And Real Estate? Stocks are essentially a piece of ownership in a company. Buying a Read more [...]

Should You Only Have One Source Of Income?

This week a lot of things have been swirling in my mind. When thinking about all the crazy at work, I always have to reflect on my plan for the future. In that time, I plan contingencies and think about my backup should something happen and I do not want to stick around. While I have things in place that will see me through such decisions, not everyone does. That begs multiple questions, but the main one is should you only have one source of income? It Depends This question and the answer Read more [...]

Simple ways to lower your monthly medicine expense

In the financially challenging times of today, everyone is always searching for ways to reduce their monthly expenses as much as possible. And we always think why is it hard to save money? One of the biggest expenses, however, is health. Unexpected illnesses, infections, accidents, and diseases can cause a lot of distress.Therefore in order to cater this  Canadian pharmacies are cheaper in offering low-priced generic versions of prescription drugs,thus they help you in managing  your budget. This Read more [...]

10 Online Frugal Community You Should Follow Now

It's not always easy sticking to a plan to save money. There are just too many temptations to slip away from your goals. However, you can boost your chances of success with some good habits. For example, you can get the support of an online frugal community to help reduce the likelihood of slipping. There are some great ones out there for you to check out. How An Online Frugal Community Helps You There are, of course, many different types of online communities. Therefore, you'll have to figure Read more [...]

Housing Market: Is It Too Late To Buy?

The housing market has been hot. Over the last two years, people have been purchasing homes for the low interest and cashing out to secure high equity. While I did not do either, I am loving the equity I have in my home. I did refinance to take advantage of those 2% rates. Just recently the rates have been rising. If you are in this changing market, how are you coping? Those of you who lost out on the low rates, is it too late to buy? High Rates Looking Read more [...]

7 Myths About Salary Increase

Obviously, everyone wants to get a raise. After all, more money can't hurt right? Well, that's true as long as there are no strings attached. However, usually we find strings attached. A new salary usually means a new job or at least new responsibilities. Sometimes, they aren't worth the raise. So, make sure that you consider these myths about salary increase before you accept. Myth: A Higher Salary Makes You Happier This is one of the most prevalent myths about salary increase opportunities. Read more [...]