Protecting Your Finances By Staying Healthy

Tis' the season to catch an illness. It seems like every week, more and more people are coming down with something. From the stomach bug, Covid, and other illnesses, people have been going through it. It has not escaped my household, as I've had a slight cold for three days. All this sickness got me thinking about protecting your finances by staying healthy. Here are my thoughts. How Much Illness Costs You Being sick can cost you in several ways. Read more [...]

The Value Of A Dollar

Money is important in our lives. It's not everything, but money does make a difference. How much of it we have and how we manage it essentially details what kind of livelihood we will have or be able to maintain! When it comes to learning about money, some people have good habits and some bad. The one important thing that everybody needs to learn is the value of a dollar. That has been a major theme in my life this week. If you want to start young teaching your kids, here are some tips. Teach Read more [...]

Savings Challenge For The New Year

Congratulations! You made it to the new year. It has already been an amazing start for me, and I hope it has been one for you. Along with manifesting my dreams and goals, I’ve been working to engage more on social media platforms and reach my money goals. I hope to do that by engaging in a savings challenge for the new year. What do you think about that? If you’re interested, here are a few saving challenges for the new year to consider. The 52-Week Read more [...]

Preparing for Major Expenses

Large financial hurdles are often a part of life. It can be overwhelmingly stressful when you're not properly prepared for them. Families may have to do without to budget for a financial crisis. You can discover that you cannot afford something you want, such as your dream wedding. However, these tips will help ensure that you're always prepared for major expenses. Save Ahead for Emergencies Emergencies happen to everyone. This may be as small as a flat tire or as big as the washer going out. Read more [...]

Why is securities lending so important for Singapore traders?

In Singapore, the securities lending market is critical to the overall financial landscape. This market enables traders to borrow and lend securities to execute their investment strategies. By borrowing securities, traders can take advantage of market price movements without buying or selling the underlying assets. In addition, investors can generate additional income from their holdings by lending securities. Therefore, the securities lending market in Singapore is an essential tool for individual Read more [...]

3 Tips for Making a Career Change

Are you unhappy with your job? You’re not alone.    Research shows that over half of working adults in America are unhappy with their careers and want to make a change; however, many people do not know where to begin when it come to changing career paths. Whether you work as a secretary, pharmacist, or medical professional at, are are a few simple tips for making a career change at any stage in your life. Know What You Want Picking a new career can Read more [...]

Getting A Windfall While in Debt?

Are you in debt? Have you experienced some financial hardships lately that got you down, but you’re on the right track to getting there? Are you also expecting a windfall? If you are, here are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do when getting a windfall while In debt. Spend It There are a lot of people with the mindset that when they get money, they should spend it. It’s a common thing to do, Read more [...]

8 Reasons to Get Final Expense Insurance

When it comes to final expense insurance, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. Some people think that it’s only for the elderly or those who are terminally ill. Others believe that it’s too expensive or that they don’t need it.   The truth is, however, that final expense insurance can be a valuable asset for anyone of any age. Here are eight reasons to consider getting coverage today: To Cover Burial Costs Funerals don't come cheap, and when a loved Read more [...]

Financial Topics That Should Be Covered In school

Children are smart. They are exposed to more and more things that we did not worry about as children. One of those things is finances. It is more important than ever for a child to have a good financial mindset by the time they exit high school and enter college. The more financially savvy they are, the less of a chance they will incur large amounts of debt and the more likely they are to lead a more financially secure life. Here are a few financial topics that should be covered in school to help Read more [...]

Saving up for Retirement After You’ve Turned the Corner on Fifty

One of the problems with being so busy working hard and raising a family is forgetting to put money away for your retirement years. This can be especially troubling if you've worked for a company that does not offer a pension or a retirement plan. Maybe you also helped pay for your kid's college education and, in the meantime, wracked up some serious debt on your credit cards.  If this is the seemingly dire financial situation you find yourself in after fifty years old, don't panic. There are Read more [...]