New Year, New Goals

As you know, every year is time for refreshed goals. It's like a refresh on your life. Whatever you didn't get to accomplish the previous year, you can work on this year. You can also set new goals or reimagine your life. If you know me, I always create a yearly plan for what's to come financially in my life. When it comes to the new year, new goals, find out how I did last year and what Im planning for this year. How Did I Do Last Year? Last year Read more [...]

What Happens to Unpaid Credit Card Debt if You Move Abroad?

Debt can weigh you down. While it's a heavy burden at times, there are only a few ways to get rid of it. Some people opt to pay off the debt, while others let it go into collections. If it gets to be too much, people may even opt for bankruptcy, although it's a last resort. Are there other ways to abscond from paying? Some have tried moving abroad with unpaid credit card debt. In such cases, what happens to the debt? Follow along to find out. What Read more [...]

Why Is Customer Experience Important For A Business?

  Imagine you are talking about a particular product or service. If you had a good experience, you are likely to recommend it. Or, perhaps not. But not because you don’t want to share with others, but because you simply don’t remember. However, if the experience was bad, it is more probable that the opposite occurs. How many people will know about your bad experience? Probably more than one. Even those who didn’t ask you. In other words, you will alert others, so they don’t Read more [...]

5 Rules to Stick to While On A Spending Freeze

A spending freeze is a great way to save money. Moreover, it shows you areas for continued savings over time. However, you can't just stop spending money all together. At least, most of us can't. Therefore, you have to implement some rules to stick while on spending freeze. What Is a Spending Freeze A spending freeze means that you stop spending money for a set period of time. A thirty-day spending freeze is a really smart time frame. It allows you to significantly cut back spending, saving a Read more [...]

5 Factors That Can Derail Your Efforts to Go Debt-Free

Have you ever dreamed of living debt-free? It can seem like an impossible goal, but it's easier than you might think. Many factors cause people to get into more debt and make it hard to pay off the existing balance. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of these factors and how they can derail your efforts to go debt-free. Untreated drug or alcohol addiction Untreated drug or alcohol addiction can quickly spiral out of control and cause people to rack up debt. In addition, it is difficult Read more [...]

Can You Make Extra Money With Wealth Words?

There are a surprising number of unique ways to earn money online. In fact, if you were to download all of the apps to make money, then you could probably spend all day playing games, watching videos, and taking surveys for extra cash. Of course, not every game is fun for every person. Therefore, you'll want to look for the ones that are best for you. For example, if you love crossword puzzles then you might want to earn extra money with Wealth Words. What Is Wealth Words? Wealth Words is an Read more [...]

6 Debts That Can’t Be Discharged by Filing Bankruptcy

There are pros and cons to filing bankruptcy. Sometimes, it's the best option. However, in the best case scenario, it doesn't exactly wipe the slate clean. In other words, you don't necessarily start over at zero debt. There are some debts that can't be discharged. What Does It Mean to Discharge Debt? When you file for bankruptcy, a court discharges some of your debt. This means that you're not responsible for that debt anymore. The people you owed that money to can't ask you for it anymore. Read more [...]

5 Affordable Ways to Enjoy the Finer Things on a Budget

Paying off debt isn’t glamorous, but it’s necessary if you want to live in greater financial freedom. Being on a tight budget often feels like a total buzzkill. No more Starbucks coffee, no more going out to eat unless it’s for something very special, and no more luxurious trips. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. There are plenty of ways to enjoy some of the finer things from home without breaking the bank. You can still make budget-friendly decisions that give you a sense of freedom Read more [...]

These Are Things You Shouldn’t Accept for Free or Cheap

As much as we like getting free things, we have to remember the ancient wisdom: When you accept something that costs nothing, you get what you pay for. We can compare that to modern wisdom: When a company gives you something for free, you are not the customer; you’re the product. Both are true. They should serve as warnings not to take candy from strangers. But we like the candy so much, we are willing to ignore all that wisdom so that we can take all that offered candy for the low, low price of Read more [...]