Thinking About Quitting, Now What?

There comes a time in our lives we start thinking about quitting one job and moving on to something better. Sometimes it's because we have lost our passion or don't like the work environment, and many reasons in between. That's life, and while most of us work, not all of us will stay with the same company throughout our entire working career. If you are thinking about quitting, here are some things to do and consider. What Kind Of Job Is Next? Before Read more [...]

10 life hacks for a fun birthday that will save your budget

The 20s decade of this century looks nothing like its Roaring ancestor from the 20th century. We don't have lavish parties and don't enjoy an economic "period of plenitude." Instead, we have climate change, a global pandemic, and the possible collapse of the global market. Not the best time to be alive. Despite this more than gloomy reality, we all still need parties and celebrations in our lives. Maybe even because of it, we need more fun and sunny days. That's why this year, we offer you to Read more [...]

How to Calculate Break Even Point for Your Small Business

I'm currently taking a 12-week online business class for women entrepreneurs. Whether you have an Etsy shop, a blog, or another small business, it's helpful to learn some business basics. I've worked for myself for years, but returning to these basics reminds me of some key things that will help me improve my business. Right now we're working on calculating our break even point. It's hard! The formula is easy, actually. However, figuring out my own money choices is hard. And working through that Read more [...]

How To Reduce Meat Consumption To Save Money 

Meat is a staple in the modern diet. It provides our body with a great deal of protein and other nutrients. The problem with meat consumption, however, is the high costs. While some cuts of meat like ground turkey and chicken legs are cost-effective, many are not. Meat is the most costly item going into my grocery cart and makes up the largest part of my grocery budget. If this is true for you, here’s info on how to reduce meat consumption to save money. Fish When meat kills the budget, Read more [...]

Meeting Goals And Staying Out Your Own Way

Life is hard. Sometimes we have an idea of how our life is going to go. We imagine how our lives turn out from the time we are old enough to think. Most of us try to stay on our chosen path through life, though this is not always possible. When the path gets difficult, it is easy to give up on our hopes and dreams, but it's important that we preserve. One way we can do this is by meeting goals and staying out of our own way. Goal Setting It doesn't Read more [...]

The Apps I’ve Had to Delete to Save Money

There are a lot of great apps that you can put on your phone. I'm an iPhone user myself so it's easy to find tons of stuff in the App Store. Some are fun, some are productive, and some add a lot of convenience to my life. However, over time, I've had to delete quite a few apps. Why? They were wasting my money. Let me tell you more about it apps deleted to save money. The Apps Are Free But Using Them Isn't Let me start off by saying that I almost never pay for apps. There are enough great free Read more [...]

How To Complete a Master Promissory Note

Congratulations on making it out of high school and on to post-secondary education. While not every profession requires it, it's exciting, rewarding, and can open up a lot of possibilities. Post-secondary education seeks to engross you more in the field you want to study. You gain specialized skills, and in some academics tracks, get to put in into practice. Hopefully, you have filled out admissions applications and got into your top choice. Now it's time to get some funding and complete a master Read more [...]

What You Really Need When Buying Your First Home

I was online yesterday and came across an interesting post. Now, It may have been a shame post, but there was some truth to it. The post talked about what people need to buy a house and its simplicity vs how much people pay in rent. Now I am all for people living where they want and where their budget will allow, but I think there are some misconceptions about the home buying process. If you want to know more about buying your first home without the clutter, keep reading. Credit Read more [...]

Making Money on Reddit

Image Source: Reddit is a community platform that boasts more than 50M active daily users. Unlike social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which revolve around a user’s personal brand, Reddit predominantly focuses on communities. While you can’t create a career dependent on Reddit, you can still make a few bucks for a rainy day. However, as you navigate your way and land consistent job opportunities you can still turn your side gig into a reputable brand Read more [...]

How to Get the Best HELOC Rate

If you plan to borrow against your home equity to fund a large expense, it may be a good idea to apply for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). This form of financing is similar to a credit card in that it gives you a line of credit you can borrow from on an as-needed basis. However, it requires you to use your home as collateral. If you want to get a HELOC, you can use the tips below to get the best possible rate. How HELOC Rates Work A HELOC has a variable interest rate. This rate tracks Read more [...]