Is Newspaper Delivery Still a Good Side Hustle?

A long time ago newspaper delivery was a child's first job. They'd get on their bikes and deliver papers door to door. In more recent years, the job shifted to an adult's side hustle. You would usually drive from place to place delivering newspapers to individuals as well as to businesses. But are enough people still getting print newspapers to make a newspaper delivery side hustle worthwhile? Is Newspaper Delivery Still a Side Hustle? This job does still exist. Even though people increasingly Read more [...]

How Slow Cooking Can Save You Money

I have really been getting into cooking lately. I have tried all kinds of recipes. Just last night I made a poached coconut Blue Hake fish with mixed greens and quinoa. I love making intricate meals and winging recipes, but I can't do it every day. With a busy schedule like mine, you have to find cheap and easy ways to feed your family. I just started looking into slow cooking. It's known to be cost-effective and doesn't require too much effort for you. If you are interested, follow along to learn Read more [...]

5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

  Starting up a successful business can become an efficient method to deal with a flowing economy. Admittedly, businessmen are their own employers, starting with at least one enthusiastic individual and a concept that fits a certain demand on the market. Business Plan/Concept; The first step to opening a new company is to construct a sustainable business plan. You will need to establish a business in an ideal circumstance which picks up your passion and meets a market demand. Read more [...]

How Much Can You Earn as a Rover Pet Sitter?

If you love animals, then pet sitting can be a truly excellent job. I've done it myself as a side job many times over the years. For me, it's just been a word-of-mouth thing. When I didn't have pets of my own, I'd often volunteer to watch friends' pets when they go out of town. It grew from there. But these days, there are apps such as Rover where you can sign up to get steady, regular pet sitting work. Just how much can you earn as a Rover pet sitter? What Is Rover? If you're not familiar with Read more [...]

When Should You Contribute To A 401(k)?

We have all heard about savings and investments. Whether we do it or not, it is now easier than it has ever been to put money away towards our future as retail investors. Not only are platforms like Acorns, Stash, and Robin Hood more commonplace and easily accessible, but more and more jobs are giving employees access to 401(k) accounts. This is even true for your retail jobs and restaurants. If you haven’t taken advantage of such an account, but want to know more, follow along to learn when you Read more [...]

Thinking About Quitting, Now What?

There comes a time in our lives we start thinking about quitting one job and moving on to something better. Sometimes it's because we have lost our passion or don't like the work environment, and many reasons in between. That's life, and while most of us work, not all of us will stay with the same company throughout our entire working career. If you are thinking about quitting, here are some things to do and consider. What Kind Of Job Is Next? Before Read more [...]

10 life hacks for a fun birthday that will save your budget

The 20s decade of this century looks nothing like its Roaring ancestor from the 20th century. We don't have lavish parties and don't enjoy an economic "period of plenitude." Instead, we have climate change, a global pandemic, and the possible collapse of the global market. Not the best time to be alive. Despite this more than gloomy reality, we all still need parties and celebrations in our lives. Maybe even because of it, we need more fun and sunny days. That's why this year, we offer you to Read more [...]

How to Calculate Break Even Point for Your Small Business

I'm currently taking a 12-week online business class for women entrepreneurs. Whether you have an Etsy shop, a blog, or another small business, it's helpful to learn some business basics. I've worked for myself for years, but returning to these basics reminds me of some key things that will help me improve my business. Right now we're working on calculating our break even point. It's hard! The formula is easy, actually. However, figuring out my own money choices is hard. And working through that Read more [...]

How To Reduce Meat Consumption To Save Money 

Meat is a staple in the modern diet. It provides our body with a great deal of protein and other nutrients. The problem with meat consumption, however, is the high costs. While some cuts of meat like ground turkey and chicken legs are cost-effective, many are not. Meat is the most costly item going into my grocery cart and makes up the largest part of my grocery budget. If this is true for you, here’s info on how to reduce meat consumption to save money. Fish When meat kills the budget, Read more [...]

Meeting Goals And Staying Out Your Own Way

Life is hard. Sometimes we have an idea of how our life is going to go. We imagine how our lives turn out from the time we are old enough to think. Most of us try to stay on our chosen path through life, though this is not always possible. When the path gets difficult, it is easy to give up on our hopes and dreams, but it's important that we preserve. One way we can do this is by meeting goals and staying out of our own way. Goal Setting It doesn't Read more [...]