How To Make Money on Licensing Rights

You can make a nice amount of passive income through licensing rights. There are two options. First, you can license your own ideas. Second, you can purchase licensing rights. In both instances, you can make money on licensing rights. Let's explore all of this a little bit more. What Are Licensing Rights? Licensing rights are agreements that one party makes with another about how they can use and make money off of the first person's ideas and/or products. Of course, there are many different ways Read more [...]

Why You Should Get A Doctorate in Business Administration

Are you a recent college graduate or working professional contemplating a doctorate in business administration? While there are multiple factors to evaluate to make an informed decision, you’ll be pleased to know that those that pursue this path found it to be worth the investment. The prestigious degree gave them extensive knowledge in the inner workings of a business and opened the doors to lucrative and fulfilling opportunities. What Is A Doctorate Of Business Administration? A doctorate Read more [...]

What To Do If Your Mortgage Company Forgot To Pay Your Taxes

When you pay the mortgage on your home, the money goes to a loan servicer. That loan services is supposed to handle the taxes on your mortgage. Usually, things go smoothly. However, mistakes do happen. Here's what to do if your mortgage company forgot to settle taxes. How Do Taxes Work Through Mortgage Company? In case you aren't entirely sure how this should all work, here's a quick refresher: You take out a home mortgage. Each month, you make a mortgage payment. This covers the loan Read more [...]

How To Access Large Sums of Cash For Home Improvements

When you think of home renovations, your mind often goes to newly renovated kitchens and bathrooms. Although these are popular projects, they’re not the only ways to improve your living space. Some home improvements like a new roof, HVAC system, or updating the plumbing are necessary. When upgrades are needed in these areas, it’s best to handle the matter immediately. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have access to thousands of dollars to complete these home improvements. Waiting until Read more [...]

How to Make Money by Staying Healthy

Did you know that you can make money by staying healthy? You can also make money by taking actions to get healthier, including by losing weight. There are a variety of different options to do this, including through a number of apps. Goal-Setting Apps and Tools There are a variety of different apps and tools that you can use to set goals related to weight loss, nutrition, and health. You can use these to earn money. Here are some examples: Pact. Set any goal related to health or fitness. Read more [...]

5 Steps To Take After an Unemployment Claim Denial

Applying for unemployment doesn't always go smoothly. The forms can be a little bit confusing. Even when you think you have it under control, you might discover that the government denies your claim. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you can't get your much-needed income support. Instead, you just need to know how to follow up. Here are five steps to take after an unemployment claim denial. 1. File Your Appeal Quickly Each state has its own forms to file an unemployment denial appeal. Moreover, Read more [...]

4 Smart Ways You Can Use Debt To Build Wealth

Most of us think of debt as a bad word. I know that I personally struggle with being in debt. Our society tends to frown upon debt. However, debt is just a word. It's neutral. There are actually good kinds of debt and bad kinds of debt. And believe it or not, you can use debt to build wealth. Let's Get Rid of The Charge Around the Word "Debt" Each of us has a money personality and a psychology around money. It's made up of many things from family messages to cultural beliefs to our own internalized Read more [...]

Ways To Manage Your eCommerce Site On A Budget

Online stores or eCommerce sites have become an increasingly popular avenue for entrepreneurs that want to start a business on a budget - learn more on Cell Phone Deal and similar websites. Operating virtually is a lot easier to start and more affordable than opening a brick-and-mortar location. There’s also the increased accessibility to target audiences. Be that as it may, operating an eCommerce site does come with expenses. If you’re an entrepreneur working with limited funds, these suggestions Read more [...]

How To Get Free Appliances From the Government

Appliances are expensive. There's no two ways about it. From dishwashers to washing machines, they cost a lot to purchase. Plus, unfortunately, they aren't always durable. They need repairs and replacements more often than most of us can afford. So, that's why it's important to look for discounts and deals on appliances. And did you know that you might be able to get free appliances from the government? Who Qualifies to Get Free Appliances from the Government? Typically, when the government offers Read more [...]