How to Tithe When in Debt

The church is a powerful institution. We go there to worship, pray, and spiritual healing. It brings together family and community under one roof. The church is a place where the music and the sermon uplift the masses. We give our thanks not only by showing up but without tithes and offerings. Sometimes our financial position has us wondering how to tithe when in debt. Follow along for the answer. Budget When discussing anything debt or financial related, many people will tell you to start Read more [...]

What Should Be In Your Date Night Jar?

Many couples make time for dates. The issue is, when that time arrives, they don’t always know what to do. While sticking with tried-and-true dates is still an option, it can get a bit redundant. If you want to keep things exciting, then adding in some unique choices to your date night jar is a smart move. That way, you can do something new together or enjoy the occasional splurge, ensuring your date nights don’t turn into a tedious obligation. If you’d like to know what you should be putting Read more [...]

My 2015 Black Friday Shopping List

Long-time readers know I love me some Black Friday deals. As you can see from my rules for Black Friday shopping, I don’t stand in line at Best Buy or brave the crowds at WalMart. In fact, all of my Black Friday shopping (four years in a row now) has been extremely tame. I buy toiletries, household goods, gift cards, and antivirus software. Ho hum. So, it should be no surprise that the same things are on my list this year, at my same old favorite stores: Staples, Michael’s, CVS, and Walgreens. For Read more […]


Tips For Saving Money on Back To School Shopping

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Have you ever tried to score below average on a school activity? How about this activity: Back to School Shopping. The average American family spends over $250 a year to get their kids ready for school. With school cutbacks and student supply lists including things from dry erase markers to hand sanitizer, it’s no wonder the costs add up. But they don’t have to — not if you plan ahead and use some of these time-tested tricks to saving money on everything from backpacks to clothes. It Read more […]

What I’m Digging: Decor on the Cheap, Thwarting Banks, Living the Good Life, and more

Mercury must be in retrograde,* because this morning I read a handful of great articles -- all posted today. So, if you're hitting a 3pm Friday slump at work or you're stuck inside because of the rain this weekend, take a peek at this list of articles I collected from around the web. There's something for everyone. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did: How to Make a Large Print for your Wall -- On the Cheap! For under $10, you can put some personality on your wall. And don't forget the Staples Read more [...]

Don’t Let Your Rewards Expire!

What do you do if it's the last week of the month, and you have Rewards expiring soon? Don't spend it on paper, batteries, boxes, or pens unless they are free! My mental checklist of items to look for starts with items that are free after rebate, and usually ends with me buying toner. Here is a Stapler checklist of . . . What To Look For When Your Rewards Are About To Expire: Free after Rebate items. Check the Weekly Stapler during the last month of the quarter and look for items that are Read more [...]

My 3 Favorite Freebies

Staples is my favorite store for freebies because their freebies are unique. I have been strategic shopping for a few years, and used to have a Sunday afternoon ritual of going out to the three major drugstore chains to get the best freebies available. I used to shop at two different, competing, grocery stores, so I could get the best price available that week. My stockpile was well stocked. Then I moved, changed jobs, and had less time to devote to my hobby. But I still wanted to save money on Read more [...]


I am a Strategic Shopper. I combine sales, coupons, rebates, rewards, and whatever other promotion that will keep more money in my wallet without sacrificing my family's needs. In 2011, the show "Extreme Couponing" inspired me to learn how to be a strategic shopper. I needed to know how they saved so much money, as long as I could do it for items that we buy, so I read up on "couponing" on HotCouponWorld's Couponing 101 series. I also read Stephanie Nelson's book, The CouponMom's Guide to Cutting Read more [...]