Easy Holiday Organizing Decor

$10 Card Display

Staplers, today’s post was written by Kathy, who is a professional organizer and blogs over at Clever Girl Organizing. Today she shares with us an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays while keeping holiday items organized. After seeing how Kathy solved the blessing of having too many cards to display in my small home by using ribbon, paperclips, and pipecleaners, you will probably agree that she is a Clever Girl, indeed! 


Who says gorgeous holiday décor has to be expensive? Not me! For inexpensive and stylish seasonal décor, try this:

  • Use your home’s existing architecture (mantel, doors, windows, staircases, shelving) and create art where you already have function.


  • Take advantage of some of the best images of the season:  All the holiday cards you receive. Using holiday cards is not only festive, with great imagery of the season, but it is a great way to make it really personal, displaying all the photos of friends and family gracing the front of so many of those cards.

We did both for Rebecca, with a quick craft project, creating a focal wall to display all of her cards she’ll receive this year.

Rebecca measured first to make sure we had the right supplies on hand. We used 25 feet of 4” wide ribbon (just one spool), red paper clips (from Staples, of course!) and two pipe cleaners.  Using Michaels coupons for the ribbon, the total supplies were less than $10. Not bad for a large decoration that makes an impact!


Starting at the top, we affixed one end of the ribbon firmly to the railing with a pipe cleaner.


From there, we wrapped around the bars, overlapping to create some visual texture between layers, and growing in width until the bottom of the railings, where we fastened with another pipe cleaner. 


P1090273-001 P1090275

Then we attached red paper clips over the ribbon, which will easily attach cards she receives, either from the bottom or the top.  Because the ribbon is on both sides of the railing, cards will be able to be attached to both sides


Easy Holiday Card Display

At the end of the season, Rebecca can roll up the ribbon, the paperclips and pipe cleaners and store it in the space of a ziplog bag for next year. It’s a spacesaver when she’s using it and when she’s not. All for $10!

Be sure to check out Kathy’s clever organizing tips over at Clever Girl, follow her on Pinterest, or see what she’s up to on Facebook

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  2. I love this idea! I don’t have a banister that’s visible from anywhere most people walk by, so I’d need a different spot. I’m considering hanging a beaded chain from my mantle and lining the cards up on there. 🙂

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