Should My Family Buy a Timeshare?

Many years ago, on what was the first or many trips to Florida with my family, I remember my parents attending a meeting on buying into a timeshare. Being a child at the time, I didn’t really understand anything, except it was at a swanky hotel and they fed my sister and I ice cream sundaes while my parents listened to a lady talk about places to stay in Florida.

Back at the house we were renting, I overhead my parents seriously talking about buying into a timeshare for the first time. Florida had always been their vacation destination choice and now that my sister and I were old enough to appreciate Disney, they felt we would be spending more time down south and buying into a timeshare might make sense for them.

That conversation was many years ago. I’m now a married adult myself and have children of my own. Frequent trips to southern destinations with my own children aren’t on my radar quite yet, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking to the future. I personally love the idea of owning a timeshare that my whole family could benefit from and we will be looking into the whole process of what’s involved if we wanted to buy a timeshare somewhere (warm!).

Being a planner by nature, I know that within the next three to five years, heading down south and taking in all that Florida and Disney World has to offer is in the plans for my own family. A trip that will not be cheap, which is why we’re already thinking about it many years in advance.

Disney aside, accommodations for our family is where most of our budget for the trip will go. Staying at a hotel is not my first choice, not only is it one of the most expensive options, for longer vacations (greater than one week), and when travelling with children, I much prefer having all my normal ‘’home’’ amenities like a full kitchen. We’ve started looking into timeshares as a potential option.

Without yet knowing our exact dates, there seems to be quite a few timeshare choices that would work for my family. If we go for two weeks as my intention is, I like the idea of trying out two different timeshares to see what we like best. Using a timeshare is definitely more economical for our family (assuming the dates work out) compared to a hotel, and if the time comes that we ever want to buy our own timeshare we will already have a good feel for a few different areas. We’d start by looking into something like DVC Resales. We’ve heard these retain their value a bit better than others, so we won’t need to seek the services of a timeshare exit company if we ever want to stop being owners.

If you and your family tend to spend a lot of time in the same location, owning a timeshare might make sense for you. If you’re not in the area frequently to maintain a property, owning a timeshare is easier to maintain from afar than traditional real estate. My husband and I need to sit down, look at our vacation time and commitments at home before deciding if owning a timeshare makes sense for us, but for now we’re definitely keen on renting one.

Have you ever rented or bought into a timeshare?


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