Frugal Friday: Halloween Costumes for Less

In sharp contrast to last year, when Halloween and my due date were dangerously close, I have been slacking on getting Little Stapler’s costume together. I also don’t have Baby Stapler’s costume ready.

Thankfully it’s not too late to be frugalHalloween III

dinosaur costume

Little Stapler wants to dress in the same dinosaur costume he wore two years ago, so “all” I need to do is to make it a teensy bit bigger. I’ll have to rip out the seams at the crotch, shoulders, and sleeves. I haven’t yet started. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up, because the sleeves might be tricky to sew back together.

Baby Stapler? He is standing and walking, so he can participate in the Halloween parade at his daycare. But I don’t have a costume for him. This weekend I’m going to a kids’ consignment sale in the hopes of getting a good one, for a good price. Also on my list for the sale are snow boots and a snow suit, and an activity table. Given that Halloween costumes and snow gear are likely to sell quickly, I’m not sure where to focus my efforts first.

What do you think: Would you go straight for the costumes? Or the snow gear?

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