Frugal Friday: Summer Clothing Clearance

Mr. Stapler wears about four different styles of clothes, and that’s it. He buys multiples of the same style of jeans, shorts, and button-down shirts in different colors. The fourth “style” is the free, conference t-shirt.

I have been stalking his favorite shorts online all year, using the site Track If. Although one color of his shorts went on sale, they didn’t have his size online. So, when I was out shopping for pajamas for Baby Stapler, I stopped in to L.L. Bean just to peek at the clearance rack.

Imagine my delight when I found his style of shorts one clearance, in his size, for 20% off! He was delighted, too. After I got home, I saw that they weren’t on sale online anymore — so the clearance was only in store.

Allagash shorts on clearance

So, if you haven’t already checked out your favorite clothing stores for their summer clearance, you might want to stop by. I have had awesome luck on buying a season ahead for my sons, although I didn’t do it this year because Baby Stapler will be in his big brother’s clothing next summer and Little Stapler already has a fully-stocked summer wardrobe for next year.

3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Summer Clothing Clearance

  1. Shopping “off season” is one the easiest ways to get clothes for really good prices. I try to stock up on clothes ahead of time for the beans when they are on sale, but it can be hard to predict how much they’ll grow and how big they’ll be when it’s time for the next season’s clothes.

    • I am learning how hard it is to predict children’s sizes in upcoming seasons! Little Stapler was very steady, moving up a size each year (or more), and I didn’t realize how good I had it until Baby came along and starting jumping up sizes very quickly.

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