Frugal Gift Idea: A New Smartphone {Trust me: It’s Frugal!}

Is there someone in your household who is really difficult to shop for? Maybe he or she has “everything” or wants nothing? If this person is involved in the family finances, I’m sure he or she would want to save a bunch of cash each month. And if the person likes to use their phone not just for talking and texting, but surfing the web and taking photos, he or she would probably like a new and fast smartphone.

Enter Republic Wireless, with their no-contract mobile phone plans starting at $5 per month and going all the way up to $40 per month. We used to pay over $150 per month for our voice and data plans with Verizon! We switched to two $25 per month plans with Republic and we’re not going back. Our $25 plans provides us unlimited talk, text, and data on a 3G network.

The biggest hitch is that you need to take a little leap of faith and buy the phone for full price. But Republic allows you to return it within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. I will admit that I hesitated to spend the cash up front, and didn’t cancel my Verizon service until I’d thoroughly fiddled with my new phone, but I’m glad that I took the plunge.

Republic Wireless offers a handful of Motorola phones, priced from $99 to $399. We opted for the Moto X (first generation) for $299 and are happy with how fast and reliable it is, as well as the picture quality. Most of the photos on this blog, since August, were taken with my Moto X.

We’re now saving $100 a month on our mobile phone plans, so the savings quickly erased the cost of the phones.

Now, if you know someone who would like to save money on their cell phone plan and would appreciate a new, zippy smartphone, this would be a great gift for him or her. Order before December 16th for delivery by December 24th, and if you order on December 10th, you can save $50 on the Moto X second generation phone.

Use my link to save $20 on your first month of service: Here.

I’ll also save $20 if you sign up using my link. Once you’re signed up, you can refer friends for a $20 bonus too.

I know that switching cell phone companies can be a big leap. What’s holding you back? What do you pay for mobile phone service? 


8 thoughts on “Frugal Gift Idea: A New Smartphone {Trust me: It’s Frugal!}

  1. I’ve really heard nothing but good things about Republic Wireless! I’m still on my parents plan, and since it’s only like $10 extra a month, they usually pay it for me, but when the day comes I have to take on my own phone bill, I’m totally going with them.

  2. I tried Republic earlier this year, but didn’t like the call quality over wifi. Ended up getting on a friend’s family plan for $25 a month (plus the upfront cost of a Moto G — $200ish? Can’t remember). I was upgrading from a flip phone without data, for which I was paying $55 a month, so I figured this was a better deal all around.

    • Sorry it didn’t work out — I’m glad you were able to find something that did. For some reason, we get terrible reception on Verizon’s network at home and at work, so our voice quality was better over WiFi, but it’s definitely specific to each situation.

  3. Been with RW for one year now. Previously with Verizon for many years. No issues at all with the service. Love the $10/mo WiFi data plan. With WiFi access so plentiful I don’t understand why people need a data plan AT ALL. I mean, you shouldn’t be driving and using your phone. Unless you have a business, my belief is that data access can wait until I grab a WiFi signal again.

    • It’s good to revisit these fixed costs once in a while, to see if we can do better. I know our internet / cable package is up for renewal in a few months, so I plan to go through that whole process again soon. ::groan::

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