Get Free Shipping at ThredUp – The Ultimate Clothing Resale Store


If you can’t stop buying clothes (as long as you budgeted for it right?), you can still look stylish by buying used clothes. One such place is an online consignment store called ThredUp. In fact you can get free shipping at ThredUp!

So yes, you can browse at what can equate to a garage sale (or ebay, but much better) online in your pajamas. How cool is that?

Yes, But Is It Legit?

In a nutshell, yes. Not only have I found great deals on there, but friends of mine have too. I needed a few work tops once summer (my son got holes in some shirts, don’t ask) and I paid a grand total of $20 for four shirts. And they’re from pretty swanky places like Anne Taylor LOFT, J Crew, and Banana Republic. If you’re familiar with these stores, you cannot get even one shirt for $20 (for the regular price anyway), let alone for. And to get free shipping at ThredUp? Score!

Keep in mind, though, that the prices won’t compare to nuggets at your local garage sale. I used to buy dresses for $1 or $2, but they weren’t necessarily designer either.

You can save even more during their sales. Apart from the occasional sale, they have a semi-annual sale. These can have discounts up to 50% off. If you’re impatient, you can browse their clearance section to see if there is anything you want there. Keep in mind that the items in that category aren’t necessarily in excellent condition, but you should be able to find that out in the description.


Some More Reasons to Shop at ThredUp

Aside from decent prices, they do have a pretty big collection. First-time browsers (heck, even people who have been on the site before) will be surprised at how huge the collection at ThredUp actually is.

Unlike your thrift shops or garage sales, you do have to ability to search by size, color, type and brand of clothing. You can get as specific as you want, which saves you time. Unless you’re the type that wants to get lost browsing in an online consignment store that is.

Now that you’re pretty much convinced that ThredUp is the place to purchase your next outfit, let’s dive into how to get free shipping at ThredUp.

How to Get Free Shipping at ThredUp

First, the obvious one: Purchase $79 or more and you’ll get free shipping at ThredUp automatically. Now as frugal people, you might balk at $79, but if you wait a few months for you and your family’s clothing purchases, $79 might not go as far as you think.

They also have what’s called ThredUp Everyday. Basically, if you spend at least $150 within a calendar month, you get unlimited free shipping the following month. There is no minimum purchase for that.

Ok, you really can’t see yourself spending $150, let alone $79. Fair enough.

The other way to do it is to search for coupon codes on places like or Retail Me Not. Every once in a while you’ll find free shipping offers, so it’s worth the few extra minutes to dig around. You can also sell some of your clothing and take the store credit, so you can use that money towards the shipping costs.

Lastly, they do have a referral program. Currently, if you refer a friend, they get a $10 credit and so do you. Refer enough friends, and you can definitely get free shipping at ThredUP.


So that’s it! Will you check out the store for your next clothing purchase?

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