Get Your Partner On The Same Financial Page

Getting your finances together can be challenging. It’s all about realizing what mistakes you made, figuring out what to do about them, and never making the mistakes again. It’s a time of growth and renewal, but once you are there, you’re in it for the long haul. That makes it even more important that you find someone with the same financial mind that you have. However, that’s not always the case. But what can you do to get your partner on the same financial page if they are not quite there? Follow along to find out.

Be Patient

Be patient with your spouse. Your financial situation wasn’t built in a day, and neither will theirs or their financial mindset. It will take time to convert them over to the good side. Do not point out all of their flaws and compare them to your better-off finances. Not only is that degrading, but it also’s counterproductive and will get you nowhere. Treat them with the same grace others gave to you and with kid gloves. This is especially true if they are in denial or not receptive to taking a hard look at their financial position.

Be Informative

You also need to be informative. It doesn’t mean pointing out your partner’s flaws. It means talking to them in a way that generates interest in what you are doing financially. Without even bringing up their financial position, talk to them about the price of stocks, bonds, and interest rates. Talk to them about 401(k) accounts, IRAs, and health savings plans. Ask them what they think about certain financial choices, whether it be a hypothetical or real-life situation you encounter. The more they know about the process of creating good financial goals, achieving them, and the different avenues to reaching financial success, the more interested they will be in reaching similar goals as you.

Be Supportive

Lastly, you have to realize everyone’s goals and motivations are not the same. When they do choose to switch into a better financial midset, you need to be ready to support them. They do not have to do everything that you did. Instead, they have to do what works best for them. Take baby steps, give them options, and support them with whatever resources they need to achieve their goals.
If you follow these simple rules, you will ensure you and your partner are on the same financial page.

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