Home Improvement On A Budget

There are many reasons you may be looking at home improvement, and improving your home may not necessarily be the reason behind it. For example, you might just be wanting to increase the value of your home, possibly with the help of swimming pool builders or landscapers, if the outside of your home is what needs the work. You may have had a major event that is requiring you to consider an update on your home, or you may have had something fail that is not covered by your homeowners’ warranty or may otherwise be completely under your responsibility. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks for keeping that necessary home improvement well within your cost range, without getting shoddy workmanship or worrying about the effect on the resale value of your house. Here are the best tips and tricks we have found for home improvement on a budget.


The simplest answer to how to do home improvement projects cheaply is, of course, to do them yourself. However, realistically, there are certain home improvement projects that should never be tackled by anyone but a professional. But if you are looking to give your house a simple refresh or come up with a number of minor issues that may happen as a homeowner, doing things yourself may be the answer.

Some examples of things you can easily do yourself with nothing but online training include paint jobs, applying molding or trim, replacing fixtures, fixing certain scratches and dents, and many more. With today’s technology at hand, many DIY projects have online tutorials and walkthroughs that can turn even the most clumsy of DIY-ers into skilled novices in just a few minutes.

Try a Grant

In many states, and even on a federal level in some cases, there is government money available for home improvement. You may also be able to qualify for tax credits from some home improvement jobs. Do some research on your state’s laws when it comes to homeownership, and what grants or extra help may be available to you. This especially qualifies for the elderly, veterans, and disabled persons, though benefits vary from state to state so it is worth doing the research.

Shop Around

If you got an original quote for a home repair that made your brain explode, do not assume that that price is correct. The specialized work that goes into home repairs makes it easy for companies to manipulate people that do not know better into paying higher prices for the same quality of work as a cheaper company. Do your research and get multiple quotes before deciding you cannot afford something. Use website research on trusted websites like Networx reviews to choose contractors, plumbers, HVAC professionals, and more to make sure you are getting a reputable company that does excellent work for the cost.

Use the Friends or Family Method

Many of us have friends or family who can help with certain home improvements, whether it is because they do it professionally or have had experience themselves with the necessities of home fixes. This does not mean you should give your friends or family first dibs when it comes to highly involved work like electrical or plumbing situations, but rather reach out for help when it comes to simpler things that may be DIY but simply out of your wheelhouse. Often people are more than happy to help if you promise them help in return.

Look At a Loan

Home equity lines of credit may seem like a last-ditch resort, but do not have to be. Shop around for a home equity loan just like you would for someone who is actually working on your house. There are different rates and different qualifiers, but a good bank or credit union should focus on getting you what you need without too high of an interest rate for you to realistically pay it off.

Homeownership is a beautiful thing, but can come with periodic drawbacks that may make you feel like you are in a helpless situation. Keep that picture of homeownership what it always was in your mind by using these simple tips to help when an unexpected expense or simply the desire to update your home comes up on your tight budget. Your home is your haven and should look as such, but this does not mean that you have to be a millionaire to make it so.

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