How can a good freight forwarder help you with Amazon FBA shipments

Those of you who are familiar with the Amazon fulfillment program know how a good freight forwarder can help change the course of your business towards the success road.

But for those of you who are new to eCommerce and have just set up shop on, your only hope of taking things to the next level is to work with a good Amazon Freight Forwarder.

Amazon’s fulfillment program is very strict about who it picks to work with. Only the luckiest resellers ever make it to the program, and whoever does, makes a lot of money. A lot of people fail to qualify for the FBA program is because they are not aware of the specific requirements of Amazon when it comes to shipping.

Amazon is very particular about how it ships the products to a customer. They make sure that each and every product entering their fulfillment distribution center should meet the following requirements.

Shipments should have:

  • Carton labels
  • Pallet type
  • pallet height
  • pallet labels
  • Amazon Appointment Delivery

The above practice is known as Amazon prepping and it usually happens at the freight forwarder. A freight forwarder like FBABEE has prep centers that are specifically tailored to help your products get to Amazon on time, with affordability in mind.

Amazon freight forwarder like FBABEE can help your business grow exponentially while you focus on the marketing of your products. The service can help you ship products to one or more FBA locations provided by Amazon.

The company also helps with re-labeling, carton labels, pallet labels, and re-palletizing to Amazon specifications. Even after your shipment has arrived in the U.S and has cleared customs, FBABEE continues to look after your property until it has reached the Amazon fulfillment center.

When you decide to use FBABEE as your primary Amazon freight forwarder, then you will only need to provide the following information/documents to ensure that your products are prepared accordingly and delivered to Amazon:

  • The Amazon FBA warehouse that has been assigned to you
  • Where will the original Amazon Prep takes place?
  • Do you need help with delivery
  • The pallet and carton labels

Leave the rest to FBABEE.

Things to avoid when choosing Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Although an Amazon freight forwarder can help your business grow, not all FBA freight forwarders are capable of helping you reach that height. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when picking the right freight forwarder.

Experience counts– The ideal freight forwarder should specialize in Amazon freight forwarding for reasons mentioned above. If they do not deliver the product with the specific requirements of Amazon intact, you’ll be disqualified from the program and your business will greatly suffer.

Communication is a must– many other Chinese Amazon freight forwarder companies have a bad reputation for not having proper communication channels available. The last thing you want is a miscommunication with your freight forwarder.

Last but not least, always make sure that the freight forwarder you are going to work with has a name in the industry. Partnering with new companies means that they will likely suffer when it comes to moving products through multiple shipping lanes, which means a delay for you.

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