How To Find Paid Medical Testing

Find Paid Medical Testing

Have you ever thought about getting paid to do medical testing? It’s an important contribution to science. Plus it’s a good way to earn some extra money. But how do you find paid medical testing? And how do you make sure that it’s safe to do?

What Is Paid Medical Testing?

You can earn money by participating in clinical trials and other paid medical testing. This is an important part of the process for testing out new medications and medical procedures. Many rounds of testing take place before human testing begins. But at some point, we have to find out if a drug or procedure works on humans. Medical testing helps doctors and researchers figure that out. Therefore, participating in medical testing can help important drugs and procedures come to the market for people who need them.

How to Find Paid Medical Testing

You may have seen advertisements online for paid medical testing. Alternatively, you might have noticed fliers on college campuses or in food coops. There are many places to find paid medical testing opportunities. But how do you know if you’re finding legitimate opportunities? After all, you want to stay as safe as possible when doing something like this.

Check ClinicalTrials.Gov

One legitimate place where you can start to find paid medical opportunities is This is a legitimate online site that provides information about current medical trials. There are many different types of studies in this database. You can filter them by location or by topic. For example, if you only want to find paid medical testing for mental health, respiratory issues, or heart conditions then you can search those topics. You can use additional filters to further refine your search.

Other Popular Clinical Trials Databases is one of the most popular places to find paid medical testing. But there are other databases as well. Check with Acurian Health, Covance, CenterWatch, and the National Cancer Institute.

Other Ways to Find Opportunities

Some opportunities are available to healthy people. Others are only available to people who have a specific condition. If you fit the latter category then you might want to check your related networks for opportunities. For example, if you have depression then you might want to check for depression studies by asking your doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, local college programs for psychiatrists, depression support groups, etc.

How Much Money Can You Make?

According to, your payment varies in large part depending on the phase of clinical trial that you participate in. They remind you that part of your compensation is for the risk that you’re taking. After all, they do these tests to find out if there are problems with the medical or procedure. So a phase 1 trial is riskiest and compensates ~ $2000 whereas a phase 1v trial is least risky and pays about ~ $400. Of course, the compensation varies a lot depending on many different factors. That’s just a starting point to give you a sense of how much money you might make when you find paid medical testing.

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