How to get your home systems covered from any harm

When you turn on a faucet, water comes out. When you adjust the air con, the house gets cooler in minutes. These systems are so simple to operate, we don’t pay any mind to how complex they are.

Until, of course, they break down.

In moments, your home can become unlivable. Good luck falling asleep without air con on a hot summer’s night. When a pipe breaks, you can’t cook, clean, or take showers. And the cost? Let’s just say you won’t be going to Disney World any time soon.

How can you protect yourself against nightmares like these? In this post, we’ll show you how you can do that easily and affordably.

Home systems: essential but expensive to fix

Many first-time homeowners underestimate how much maintenance can cost. Worse, some assume their home insurer covers major repairs/replacements of home systems. Sadly, these folks often fail to read the fine print in their policy. Among them are provisions that exclude claims due to general wear & tear.

This realization comes as a huge shock, especially after getting quoted a hefty sum by technicians. Let’s go over a few common system repairs. If your central air conditioning dies on a hot Southern night, repairs can cost more than $500 – replacements, more than $7,000.

What if your plumbing fails? Leaks cost $300 minimum, and if an entire pipe goes, you could be looking at a bill exceeding $4,000.

If your electrical goes on the fritz, you may need to go on a payment plan. If the wiring in your home shorts out, it’ll cost at least $3,500. If you have a large house, that number can soar to $20,000.

Eventually, everything breaks down

Just as we grow old and feeble, our home systems will also deteriorate over time. According to the National Association of Home Builders, older wiring has an average life span of about 70 years. Add humidity and pests into the equation, and their life expectancy gets shorter.

Actively neglecting these complex systems can bring their day of reckoning even closer. Take your air con, for instance. It doesn’t just cool air, it filters it as well. Over months and years, dirt & grime build up. This situation prevents efficient air flow, forcing the unit to work harder to cool your house. In time, this added wear & tear causes a part to fail, bringing the whole system down.

While all machines break down eventually, you can extend the lifespan of home systems through preventative maintenance. Let’s revisit our central air con system. By cleaning A/C condenser coils and changing filters, you’ll ensure its sensitive parts don’t experience unnecessary stress.

Another task many find bothersome: cleaning rain gutters. It’s a pain to get up on a ladder and scoop out branches, leaves, and other debris. However, if they are left to build up, they allow rainwater to pool and potentially overflow into your roof. Come winter, this water can freeze and expand, doing untold damage to structural components. In other words, a few hours of discomfort can save you the pain of a $4,000 repair bill.

Cover mission critical home systems with a home warranty

It’s true – homeowners insurance won’t cover home system repair/replacement costs that arise from wear & tear. However, don’t think you’re limited to prayer and saving what you can. Home warranty firms offer service contracts that cover the expense of home system repairs and replacements.

What is a home warranty? Simply put, it is a policy that fills the gap left by home insurers. By obtaining one, it will cover the repair/replacement cost of home systems and appliances. If a firm covers the issue you’re claiming, and if a preexisting condition didn’t cause it, you’re good.

Like insurance, you pay a monthly premium to your home warranty firm. If anything goes wrong, you submit a claim. Once accepted, you pay a service fee (costs between $60-$120), and they’ll send the appropriate tradesperson to your house.

In 2019, home warranties can be had for as little as $400. For as little as $30-$40 per month, you can have peace of mind, knowing your finances and systems are protected.

How can I find a good home warranty firm?

If you’ve never heard of a home warranty before, it’s not your fault. According to Rodney Martin, CEO of America’s Preferred Home Warranty, only 3-4% of Americans had one in 2015. While these firms have been around since the 1970s, only recently has industry growth taken off.

Fortunately, the internet is making it easier to find a home warranty provider in your area. For instance, a quick search on Google will bring up sites like As you can see, Alabama residents have a lot of selection compared to other states.

With a business-friendly environment, nationally-renowned providers like Select Home Warranty, Choice Home Warranty, and Total Home Protection operate in Alabama. By comparing what they cover, the cost of plans, and exclusions, you can make the best possible choice.

Don’t take your home systems for granted

Just because your A/C works fine today doesn’t mean it won’t quit tomorrow. Or a month from now. Or in two years. When that day comes, will you be prepared? You work too hard to have emergency repairs steal away all your discretionary income. By getting a home warranty, you can live your life without worry.

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