How to Graduate College with as Little Debt as Possible

There are so many people that wish that they had taken their student debt seriously while in college. Being able to graduate with little to no debt is a blessing. There are people that will be paying off their debts for decades. Be honest without yourself about whether a degree is an obscure area is going to be worth putting yourself in this debt.

Graduating with very little debt is possible if you do the following!

Learn to Cook…….Well

Learning to cook can do quite a few things for you in terms of lowering expenses:

  • You reduce the money spent on going out to eat.
  • You eliminate the need to order delivery which seems to be a staple of college students.
  • You also learn a skill that will help you save money well after college.

Learning to cook can save large amounts of money over 4 years and can even allow you to skip out on certain chores your roommates divvy up.

Educate Yourself on Finances

Educating yourself financially will allow you to make wise decisions even when you are young. Understanding the intricacies of topics will be easy online. Below are few topics you should look up when you want to know the difference between payday loan and installment loan:

  • Percentage of income that should be spent on rent.
  • Entertainment costs and free entertainment/food offered at campus events.
  • Loan forgiveness programs and scholarships based on parental income.
  • How to pay off certain debts in the most efficient way possible.

Take Classes at Local and Community Colleges

Going to a huge state school or school out of state can add up quickly in terms of costs. Attending classes as a community college can allow you to load up on those credit hours at a discount. There are even classes that can be taken online in addition to your current semester workload. The most important aspect of this is to make sure the credits transfer as they might not if you go to a college outside of your home state.

Get a Job

A person that has great bartending skills can make a healthy income every night of the week in a college town. Even those that are servers or bouncers will have consistent work. Most employers in these towns are willing to work around class schedules due to a majority of employees being students. Working at a restaurant does come with perks like free food or discounted drinks which is something to keep in mind.

Even doing this during the summer will allow you to save money while living at home. There are certain college towns that all but shut down making it difficult or impossible to find employment. You could also thrive as class sizes decrease when compared to huge introductory lecture halls at a large state university.

As you can see you will have to be proactive but you can graduate college with little to no debt. People that live by the motto “you only live once” in college in terms of their money are surely regretting it now.

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