How To Level Up Your Online Gaming Without Spending A Fortune

Online gaming is becoming more and more popular. As long as you have a good gaming PC and a stable internet connection, you can spend many hours playing your favorite games. However, online gaming comes with costs. 

First and foremost, your computer hardware should have high-end, modern specs to be able to run games more smoothly. Older computers may be so slow that they compromise your gaming experience. Secondly, your internet connection should be high-speed, so check out Windstream internet and other providers in your area and ensure you have the best package for your needs.  Slower internet sucks because of latency issues, and you could lose a game because of it. Thirdly, you have to pay for the games themselves, including additional packs and content which aren’t offered for free.

All these things cost money. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from pursuing your hobby. There are measures you can take to cut your spending. Follow these handy tips to level up your online gaming without spending a fortune:

  1. Use Gift Cards For Purchases

Do your friends know how enthused you are by online gaming? If you’re lucky enough, they can purchase gift cards for you during special days and holidays. However, you have no control over such gifts. You may get them frequently or wait for eons. It also depends on your connection with these so-called friends. 

Luckily, you can earn gift cards by doing simple tasks online. Some sites allow you to take surveys, watch videos, browse the internet, and even play simple games. In return, they give you gift cards that you can use to purchase your favorite games.

The Steam card is one of the most popular types of gift cards for online game purchases. You can get physical cards in denominations of USD$20, 30, 50, and 100, or digital ones in denominations of USD$5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. 

Once you get a Steam card, all you need is the activation code to deposit the card’s value into your online steam wallet. To know how to get a steam wallet code for free, you can check sites that offer gift cards in exchange for answering paid surveys.

  1. Optimize Your Computer

There’s no denying that gaming PCs cost a fortune. Online video games demand lots of computer resources. Thus, you need the latest and top-performing hardware if you want to enjoy the latest games. However, it’s not a must for you to invest in such computer components if your budget is limited. There are ways to optimize your current PC for gaming such as:

  • Use Gaming Mode: The most recent Windows 10 version allows you to set your PC to Game Mode. By doing this, you prioritize the graphics card, processor, RAM, and other vital computer resources for your game. In other words, you stop less relevant resource-consuming background processes from running. Accordingly, your online gaming becomes seamless since all PC resources are available for it.
  • Schedule Updates: It’s annoying for your computer to start running operating system updates in the middle of a game. This process eats up many resources, such that your web connection lags and the game hangs. Moreover, your PC forcefully shuts down and restarts, further ruining your gaming experience. A good solution for this is to schedule the updates to run when you’re not playing online.
  • Update Drivers: Your graphics card, chipset, GPU, and LAN ought to have the latest drivers for the best experience. You can download these for free from the manufacturer’s website and update your PC.
  • De-Junk Your Computer: Your PC probably has lots of document files, videos, audio files, photos, and applications you don’t frequently use. These slow down your PC and make online gaming bothersome. So, delete all apps that are lying idle on your PC. Also, move all files to an external drive and leave your computer uncrowded.
  1. Try For Free Before Buying

For online gaming, one thing you can’t ignore is free trial versions. Game providers offer them for a purpose. You don’t want to dive fully into any given game without first knowing what it’s all about.

First, play the game in demo mode. It’s here when you’ll assess your interest in the game. If it’s not as entertaining as you thought it would be, you can discard it there and then and go looking for a better one.

The good thing is that you didn’t commit money in the first place. So, you have nothing to lose. If you had purchased before trying, you’d only regret it. Likewise, if you’re gaming for business, starting with trial versions helps you cut your expenses. That should be one of your chief objectives as an investor. 


To Conclude

You can enjoy online gaming without spending a fortune. Try options such as gift cards, free trial versions, and PC optimizations. By operating within your budget limit, you can play your favorite games stress-free!


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