How to make money from home?

Gone are the days when people were restricted to brick offices. Remote working / working from home has taken over and there are certain options that offer you really good money. For instance, content writing is one discipline you can tap.  Companies hire professional writers who work from home and prepare top quality content for their clients. The writer has to be sure that the content is original and not copied from any source. He can always use a plagiarism checker to reduce the stress of manual checking. 

These online applications determine whether the compiled information is original or not. They are mostly free so the cost factor is not worrying for the writer. Other than that writing, you can opt for several “work from home” options. Some of them require a particular skill set while the others can be completed with basic computing abilities.

Here are some major ways to earn money from the comfort of your home

  • Online selling through social media / e-commerce

If you have a look at the buying preferences that people have these days, they majorly opt for online platforms. You don’t need a lot of finances to turn into an e-seller. Initially, start with a low investment. For instance, buy used laptops and promote them through social media. Simply create a Facebook page for your brand and post clear photos of what you want to sell. Do not edit them in any way. After that, promote the page within your contacts. You can also opt for affiliate marketing as this would get more exposure for your Facebook page.

    • After a certain duration, people would start recognizing your company and its products. Once the sales volumes increase and you start earning revenue, invest some of it and get an e-commerce website developed. After that, you can promote it through the already popular Facebook page as well as get the SEO done. 
    • This is an entrepreneurial venture that can easily be done from home. In the beginning, there is no need to arrange for a lot of money.
  • Freelance Writing

This “work from home” option can only be implemented for people who have top quality writing skills. Digital marketing agencies and SEO companies hire home based writers to deliver articles, blogs, product manuals, press releases and other forms of writing. To succeed in this field, you should have impeccable writing skills and the ability to dig deep into a topic. These days, well written content is important for brands to excel. Hence, they recruit qualified and experienced writers to deliver it for them.

    • Apart from content writing, a lot of professionals who are interested more in research opt for academic writing. These writers are responsible for preparing essays, term papers and research papers for college and university students. This is because they do not have enough time or appropriate writing skills to deliver high quality papers on time. Hence, they hire writers to work on remote basis. This is one of the tougher “work from home” options and requires extensive literacy skills.

Tools for freelance writers

Freelance writers can use tens of online helping tools for writing content. Most of them are mandatory and shouldn’t be skipped for example plagiarism checker and grammar checker.

Grammatical errors and plagiarized content based articles are most likely to get rejected by clients. Therefore, using plagiarism checker is most important in this case. However, it is important to use a reliable duplicate content checker as there are multiple tools that cannot be trusted.

  • Online data entry 

Most companies have a lot of records in paper format and they upload it on cloud based platforms. Getting this done on in-house basis is not the best idea available. This is because companies have to hire permanent resources and pay fixed salaries. Hence, they hire “work from home” professionals who fill these forms and get paid.

    • A lot of technical skills are not required for this task. If you know how to punch in values, you can opt for this home based opportunity. You would be provided forms in image or PDF format. Each value would have to be typed manually in the appropriate form field. Accuracy is very important when you are filling forms. Other than that, you need to have a good typing speed (50 words per minute or more) to accomplish the task successfully.
  • Sell Your Old Electronics!

A great way to make money from home is to sell any old and redundant electronics, including phones & tablets,  The average American is sitting on 2 old devices that could be worth hundreds of dollars. This is where SellCell comes in. is the No. 1 phone trade in site in the US helping users get the most cash for their old cell phone. SellCell’s free and impartial service saves users time and hassle by comparing prices from 30+ of the leading buyback companies in one place to ensure they get the guaranteed most cash for their old cell phone, tablet, smartwatch and other electronics
  • Remote software development / graphic designing

A lot of software companies have remote cross functional teams located in different parts of the world. In order to meet global demands, this a regular practice being followed. It is important to be a software graduate with quality programming skills. In addition to that, you should know which platform to work on. For instance, if you have Android mobile application development skills, you can join companies working on similar technologies.

    • Home based programmers should also have team management / coordination skills since they work with people not present at the same place. At times, team leads are located in another country and the development team works from a different location. In this case, programmers are expected to coordinate through different online communication platforms.
    • Just like programmers, graphic designers can also opt for home based options. Digital marketing agencies in particular are always in need of good designers. This is because they need to come up with unique options for campaigns, banners and page designs.


The trend of home based working has increased tremendously particular in the IT / Software sector. It gives employees the freedom to choose their own hours and schedule types. If you are working on project basis, the work load can also be selected according to suitability. Data entry one of the common “work from home” opportunities and a lot of people select it. However, always remember that you should never pay any money to get a working option. Any website having this requirement would be scamming you. In addition to that, always remember that no one can earn thousands of dollars in one day by filling forms or doing any other online work.

Why do so many people opt for “work from home” options? There is a simple answer to this question. It offers more control over the time they have. For instance, a remote worker can choose his work hours as his performance is only measured on the basis of how he delivers. The schedule he follows does not make any difference. 

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