How to Obtain Virginia Class C Contractors License Online Today?

The contractors engaged in the construction business need to own a license to operate. They provide their services for repair, construction, removal, or improvement of the building, land, or premises. We are talking about the Virginia constructors here, though. 

As you learn to apply for one such contractor license online, you will read about the different types of classes and classification. Let me clarify the same before we begin to explore the ways to apply for the Virginia Class C contractor’s license online. 

License classes:

  • A, B, and C.

These classes define the limit of the monetary value of each construction contract you can be associated with as a contractor in Virginia. 

Class A: 

It is valid for those contractors whose per project value is at least $ 120,000. Otherwise, they must gather $ 750,000 worth of construction-related projects in a year. The contractors of this class must have an employee with 5+ experience as well. There must also be proof of your company’s net worth to be $ 45,000 or above.

Class B:

Your (contractor’s) single project must be worth between $ 10,000 to $ 119,999. Otherwise, in a year, bag projects worth from $ 150,000 to $ 749,999. Under this license, you need an employee as in class A. But you will also show that your company has a net worth of $ 15,000.

Class C:

Your (contractor’s) single project can be lying between the range of $ 1,000 to $ 9,999. Your annual projects’ value must be under $ 150,000. It’s not at all an obligation for you to hire an employee or show a particular net worth for your brand or sole proprietorship in Virginia if you have this class C license.

Specialty or classification of the license:

Under this part of your contractor license in Virginia, it’s stated the types of constructor work you can lead. 

Types of these specialties are:

  • Highway heavy (HH)
  • Residential building (RBC)
  • Home improvement (HI) 
  • Commercial improvement (CIC) 
  • Others

Core requirements for Class C Contractor’s License Online Application:

  • You must have 2 years’ or plus experience. 
  • There is no requirement for you to show the minimum net worth. 
  • Your maximum project value in a year should be under $ 150,000.
  • The minimum per project value will be under $ 9,999.

The mandatory pre-license course:

These types of courses are mandatory for every class: A, B, and C. It has to be 8 hours. You can select the Virginia Class C contractor’s license course online by checking what it is teaching you. 

Some of the courses can be combined with class A and B as well. And some class C training courses will teach you specific specialties mentioned above. So, you have to check which specialty you want to get into. Then, only take the mandatory pre-license training course in Virginia. 

Also, the class C type course is the starter pack as this license is the smallest amongst the three available in Virginia. 

Get the approval from DPOR for the specialty exam:

After you are done with the pre-license training course, it’s best that you apply for the specialty exam permission from the DPOR board of contractors. Only once they approve can you sit for the technical specialty exam, even for the class C license. 

Usually, the approval from the DPOR office takes 40-60 business days. After that, you can file the application form online. 

Find the application format rules below:

Know about certain steps whenever you apply for the license online. This step can be either before or after getting the continuing education hours. 

Selection of the application format:

Choose the style of different forms from the Virginia government website. Either your form can be interactive or static. The latter is a slow process in which you would have to download, print, and fill the form before submitting it. The former is easy to fill and submit online. 

Read about the contractor licensure or application guide:

From this step, you can know about each and every requirement as an individual or a company of contractors in Virginia. This is necessary if you don’t want any mistakes in your application.  

Know the required qualifications for Class C contractors’ license in Virginia:

At this stage, learn the exams you need to pass for a Class C contractors’ license in Virginia. This will make your doubts disappear. You will know what the Class C contractors’ license requirements have in general. 

You can then turn on the notifications online for the upcoming exams for this type of contractors’ license in Virginia. However, mostly, these exams can be taken as and when you are ready with the qualifications. 

Note: The application fee for the contractors’ license in Virginia is non-refundable. So, once you file for the application, ensure that you sit for the test. At least you should not waste your money and efforts. 

Class A fees: $ 385.

Class B fees: $370.

Class C fees: $ 235.

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