How to Turn Your Dirt Bike into a Street Legal Machine

A rider has always keen to get different taste in riding. Rider may love to ride off-road or may like to get a long cruise tour. Most bikers like to modify their bike by grace of time. Modification can be done in different technical aspects such as speed and performance over look etc. It is possible to considerably increase the power of a motorcycle without modifying its elemental components.

These innovations are based on increasingly advanced technology that offers amazing results, especially when we know how to combine different types of motorcycle parts to increase power, but where is the secret of good engine preparations? We will try to clarify it from our point of view. Therefore, if you are considering improving the performance of your motorcycle’s original engine, there is currently a wide range of motorcycle parts that will serve you for this purpose.

Speed and acceleration is the key that influences speed when they hop onto their bikes. Replacing the factory-installed system with an aftermarket exhaust for motorcycles allows the rider to significantly improve the peak engine horsepower of their motorcycle.

Depending on the needs of each rider, you can opt for some simple but efficient modifications, or you can lean towards some more complex changes made in the workshop. We can group the 2-stroke engine preparations into 3 main types of preparation, taking into account the engine that our motorcycle mounts and the level of preparation that we want to achieve basic, intermediate and competition level or high performance.

Let’s start with the possible modifications with best dirt bike aftermarket parts and their individual conditions so that you can plan the changes you want to make based on it.

The chassis: it is not possible to modify it in any way, or change the direction, much less cut it.

The fuel tank: cannot be modified either and must never have a cap that protrudes more than 15 mm. What you can do is replace it in case of failure, but it must be the same size.

Mudguards: this is one of the parts where you can get creative because the possibilities to customize the fender of your motorcycle are endless. What you cannot do under any circumstances is to delete it, as it is mandatory by law.

Sidecar and seats: they are fully allowed, but your motorcycle must be designed for this or undergo the modifications and approvals necessary to install one. Regarding the motorcycle seats, you cannot add or remove any, under any circumstances, not even with approval.

Motor: it can be replaced by the same one, but it cannot be changed by a different model or altered in any way.

Other possible reforms and their conditions

There are some modifications that are only possible under ITV diligence that indicate in the technical inspection the changes you have made so that they are legally documented. In that range would be the changes of lights, modification of mirrors and tires (as long as they are within the established sizes). For others, this procedure is not necessary, but it must comply with certain characteristics so that they do not incur in infractions of the law, such as the case of the dome, which can be installed as long as it is possible to do it with the motorcycle’s tool kit. If the dome you want is higher or requires professional installation, you must have the necessary approval.

General recommendations

The first thing a manufacturer will advise you is to use products from its own brand, as this guarantees its quality and its adaptability. Generally this sounds like a sales strategy, but they are usually right: the manufacturer of your motorcycle is the only one that knows it well enough to create auto parts that fit perfectly without detracting from its operation. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

Take care of the sizes: at the time of the modification you must make sure that the new accessories do not interfere with the lights, the side angles or the travel of the suspension. It is also important that you do not alter your driving posture and that you do not reduce ground clearance.

Do not load the electrical system: motorcycle fuses are sensitive and if we do not take care of the number of electrical accessories that we install, we can damage them and occasionally a loss of light or power in the engine.

Take care of the manufacturers: if you think it is worth using spare parts and accessories from manufacturers other than your motorcycle, make sure that the parts you are going to use follow the correct specifications and quality so as not to damage your motorcycle in the long term.

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