I Paid Full Price for Underwear

This is my confession for the day: I paid full price for underwear, for my kindergartner, last week.

Planning is the foundation of frugality. I have been writing a Frugal Manifesto in my mind, and planning is always #1 on the list. Spontaneity is the enemy of the frugal. So, when fate found me at the mall, and my son wearing his last pair of clean undies, and I popped in to a children’s clothing store to see what undies they had on sale or on clearance, and found that there were none … and my trusty RetailMeNot app told me that there were no coupons available … I paid full price.

I was late with the laundry last week, so my little guy was on his last pair of undies and I had no time to get through a load of laundry before the next school day.

I procrastinated on buying him new undies after he had a growth spurt, even though I knew he only had 7 pairs, which would be a problem if when I procrastinated on doing the laundry.

I lazed out and didn’t compare prices online at my trusted retailers before just “stopping in” on a whim at the retail location.

Needless to say, this does not make me a terrible human being or an awful mother and hopefully I won’t get voted off of Frugal Island. It is, however, a strong indicator of how busy I have been.

Another strong indicator of my busy-ness is the last of activity on this beloved blog. I’m sorry I haven’t been around. You see, I’ve been too busy to even save $5 on a 5-pack of undies for my kiddo — nevermind drafting mind-blowingly awesome tips and tricks to live a frugal, happy life.

For some reason, I have been letting perfect be the enemy of done. Although I have a gazillion posts written (in my mind or in the “drafts” section of the blog), I haven’t published them because I don’t have the right photo or I haven’t done enough homework on the topic yet or I would prefer to binge watch The Newsroom (available streaming on Amazon Prime). There’s some financial life stuff that’s been going on — we bought a car, we’re going to sell our car (again, I haven’t had time yet!), we got a staggering medical bill, we’re paying a ridiculous amount of money for occupational therapy for one of our children, we are feeling the spring urge to landscape, and more super exciting stuff. 😉

Hopefully I can get out of perfect mode and into completion mode. At least, on this blog. I will continue to try planning my way to a frugal lifestyle instead of paying full price for undies.

PS: See? No pictures on this post! I’m trying!

4 thoughts on “I Paid Full Price for Underwear

  1. Planning is ABSOLUTELY the foundation of frugality. I want to frame that quote for the rest of my life. I bought full price diapers last week and wanted to cry– we ran out and I just hadn’t researched the sales to combine coupons! So I feel you. It hurts.

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