Is It Ok to Splurge?

Life is hard. You get up every day, work hard, and go above and beyond to get everything you want. When you work so hard to meet your goals, sometimes you feel bad about rewarding yourself. At what point is it ok to splurge on yourself? Do you have to meet every goal you set for yourself, or do you treat yourself along the way? Personally, I say treat yourself especially for the reasons below.

Are Your Finances In Order?

Before splurging on yourself, make sure that your finances are in order. I’m not saying that along the road to better finances you can’t splurge, but you do need a plan and to be committed to executing it. Make goals to save, invest, and pay those debts off. Start small, saving and investing whenever you feel like you can, and automate it. The more you practice this regimen, the more you will get better at paying off debt, investing, and saving for the future. When you meet your money goals along the way, reward yourself.

Having Bad Days

I’m also a fan of splurging on yourself when you’re down. I’m not saying go out swiping your card for massive amounts of money to make yourself feel better. I am talking about self-care, getting your mind reset, and doing things that will help that aspect of your life. When you’re in a rut, sometimes it’s ok to splurge on your favorite drink, on a spa day, or even some reflexology. For me, I love going to order myself some new teas, sipping on my favorite cup, and watching a good show. I may even splurge on new music to ease my mind and some good food.

You Worked Hard, You Deserve It

Listen, if you are making good money, your bills are paid, and you’ve done everything you needed to do, you deserve to spend your money on what you want. Again that doesn’t mean blow it, but it does mean enjoy the spoils of your hard labor. Don’t be afraid to go on a vacation once or twice a year if that’s what you want to do or go out for a fancy meal every so often. The money cannot be taken with you when you leave this earth. Spend some of it now, save a lot of it for your future, but enjoy what you have while you have it.

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