Have A Los Angeles Office For Cheap

It is not secret that real estate, particularly, business space, around the Los Angeles area can be quite expensive. Virtual office space is the perfect way to keep your business competitive. An LA virtual office space can not only make your business look more professional, but run smoother every day.

Day Office Offers Flexible, Modern Space

The day office is simple to get set up, as often you just need to explain your needs and you will be able to walk into a ready-to-use office. You can enjoy simple terms with this setup, as often the company will learn your needs and then tailor a solution. Affordable rates can be found at hourly, daily or weekly rates.

If you only need to have an office part-time, this can be the perfect solution for your business. Services with a day office can include complimentary Wi-Fi, conference room access or live receptionist services. You will have the look of a corporate office, without the high real estate prices.

Live Receptionist Services Offers Professionalism

A live receptionist can offer your customers a friendly greeting, and a voicemail for when you out of the office. With this feature, you will be able to enjoy live call answering, screening, and transferring. You will have a personalized phone number and a voicemail to email inbox.

The live receptionist will be trained on the needs of your business, regardless of if you work in the legal, medical, or real estate fields. A live receptionist can be started for your business within 24 hours. By using a live receptionist, you will be able to save on the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist by over 90 percent.

If you run a small business, you will need any advantage to stay competitive and look like one of the big guys. A live receptionist and virtual office can help you cut down on costs and keep up in a fierce field. For further details on whether a virtual office is right for your business, visit Global Business Centers.

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