Mesh vs Vinyl Banners

When deciding upon which banner material to use, mesh or vinyl are two of the most preferred ones to go for. Each of which are durable, can be made to various sizes and are fully customisable. When deciding between the two there are some key elements that separate them from each other. The below information sets to identify these and offer some incite into the benefits and disadvantages of both mesh and vinyl banners.

Vinyl Banners


This type of banner can be used both inside and outside, as you wish. Due to its durable material, it can withstand the elements whilst maintaining a glossy finish on your banner design. Vinyl banners are notoriously heavy and would usually require an installation team o fi the banner in the location you desire. 


The vinyl banner is favoured by businesses due to its tear and scruff resistance, making them last a lot longer than others. This allows for more value for your money as they are extremely long lasting too, if the upkeep of them is kept to a high standard. Below are the various types of vinyl banners you can purchase, ensure you do so from reputable firms such as Printmoz


Scrim Vinyl Banners


This is the most favoured vinyl banner as it is very strong, durable and long lasting. This option is great for outside use as it is weather friendly. They are commonly used in the vicinity of a store or warehouse to promote and influence purchasing behaviours; however, they do stereotypically also include important business information too.


Adhesive Vinyl Banners


This banner is great if your store has a plenty of wall or window space. The adhesive vinyl banner sticks to these locations and showcases your desired graphics.  They are light to carry and easy to install. Whilst they are usually smaller in size, when compared to other vinyl banners, they can come bigger if requested. 


Mesh Vinyl Banners


This is a cross over of the two banner materials making it an excellent choice if you are undecided on either. The mesh is permeable, allowing it to withstand harsh weather and the vinyl has the ability to do this whilst showcasing your design well. Mesh vinyl banners are an ideal choice if your chosen design is extremely large too. 


Benefits of Vinyl Banners


  • Durable material.
  • Can withstand harsh weather.
  • They can be made to whichever size you require.
  • Cheaper and lightweight options are available. 


Disadvantages of Vinyl Banners


  • Usually difficult to install.
  • Heavy material.
  • They are not easy to change or edit after creation.


Mesh Banners


As mesh is fashioned with small holes throughout its surface, it allows the weather and wind to glide through it without causing any issues to the banner. The mesh also allows for your vision to not be hindered, as you can usually see right though the material. This alone opens it up to many different areas mesh banners can be showcased that other banners cannot. 


They are often seen at sporting events, on the side of large structures or other bigger locations. As the mesh is see through the advertisement can be seen, but it also does not stop the customer from viewing what they are looking at or out of. 


As mesh one of the most permeable materials mesh banners can be installed in areas that experience all types of weather. This gives them a niche as no other banner material can ensure this.  Whilst they are usually installed in urban areas, as the mesh does not hinder sight so they can be installed onto blocks of flats, big buildings or other unique locations. They can be also used in remote, cold or hot areas without any troubles too. 


Benefits of Mesh Banners


  • The most durable banner material.
  • Easy to install.
  • They are usually lightweight.
  • Mesh banners are a space saver.


Disadvantages of Mesh Banners


  • May negatively impact the urban areas they are installed on to.
  • Smaller sizes are not always the best quality due to the mesh material.
  • They are not easy to change or edit after creation.




Both vinyl and mesh banners have some distinct pros and cons that you should consider if you are looking to invest into a good quality banner. Vinyl is the more preferred option by retailers with the space and ability to showcase these banners. If you have ample window or outdoor space, this is a great option for you. 


Mesh banners are a space saver, they offer the ability to utilise smaller spaces without impacting its surroundings. There is a cross over product of a mesh vinyl banner if you are really stuck at choosing between the different variations, but this specifically caters for locations with extreme weather. 


Each of these materials is worth their salt. Please remember to spend as much time researching designs, colour strategies and creating catchy slogans as you do deciding on a material. The true measure of a print marketing campaign must include a good focus on all of its promotional elements. 

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