Money Making Methods You’ve Never Heard Of

Even those of us in full time work can still find ourselves struggling for money from time to time. From unexpected bills to financial emergencies, costs can appear without warning and while short term loans are available in the case of these emergencies, making a little extra money on the side never hurt anyone. Countless sites will direct you towards survey sites that take months to pay out or extra part time jobs that will leave you with no time to yourself, but we’ve pulled together a list of quick or flexible ways to make money that you’ve probably never thought of.

List Your Unused Spaces For Rent!

You’ve probably heard of AirBnB by this point and while this is a perfectly valid way to make money if you have a spare bedroom, did you know that you can rent out your garden or driveway too? If you have any spare space at all, someone out there will be willing to pay you money for them to be able to use it. Whether they’re looking for someone to pitch up a tent during their travels, or need a place to park near their workplace, your space could be exactly what they need. Sites like SpareGround and GampingRent are good places to start!

Sell Your Plasma

We’ve all been told about the importance of donating blood, but did you know that you can actually sell your plasma? The process is a little more unpleasant than donating blood and can take upwards of an hour and a half in some cases, but for the mild discomfort it could be worth the handy payout you get at the end. In the case of plasma donation, your blood will be drawn just like it would in donating; the plasma is then separated from the blood using a spinning method, before the blood, in most cases, is returned to your body. This isn’t overly common in the UK, but in the USA you could be given $20-$50 for every donation.

Do Tasks Online

I know we said that survey sites often have slow pay-outs, but there are other ways of doing simple work online in your spare time that will actually earn you money. If you have a particular skill, you could put up the offer on a site like Fiverr. This site allows you to complete tasks or offer services for, you guessed it, a fiver! If you’d prefer something a little more data entry based to do while you’re watching TV, there are plenty of opportunities for that too! It’s not the best paying, but sites like Click Worker and Smart Crowd are always on the lookout for new members.

Rent Out Clothes

Do you have a prom dress you’ll never wear again? What about ski gear you only wear once a year? If you have high quality clothing, you could put it up on sites like Style Lend and open it up for rental from eager individuals. It doesn’t even have to be special occasion wear. People have been known to upload designer pieces, shoes, bags and accessories too. This way, you don’t need to sell the pieces you love and instead just say ‘see you soon!’

Teach English, Or Your First Language, Online

Languages are amazing and there are thousands, if not millions of people around the world who think so too. Being fluent in your first language could actually be something you can sell! If you speak English, you could teach it to those wanting to learn as a second language without needing to move abroad to do so. Thanks to the internet, you’ll be teaching people abroad via webcam and headset and it’s usually pretty basic stuff so you won’t need a teaching degree to do so!

Making money on the side doesn’t have to be time consuming or require any particular effort. While you could opt for teaching or completing tasks, something as simple as renting out your clothes or your spare space could bring in a good amount of cash with minimal effort on your part.


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