My 2015 Black Friday Shopping List

2014 Black Friday Shopping List

Long-time readers know I love me some Black Friday deals. As you can see from my rules for Black Friday shopping, I don’t stand in line at Best Buy or brave the crowds at WalMart. In fact, all of my Black Friday shopping (four years in a row now) has been extremely tame. I buy toiletries, household goods, gift cards, and antivirus software. Ho hum.

So, it should be no surprise that the same things are on my list this year, at my same old favorite stores: Staples, Michael’s, CVS, and Walgreens.

For my drugstore deals, I always turn to Living Rich with Coupons for matchups. Last year, I hopped on over to Rite Aid and got some great freebies for stocking stuffers, but the Wellness Points (the coupons you get to spend like cash) expired too quickly. Thankfully, a store manager took pity on me and overrode the expiration. But my lesson was learned: No more Rite Aid on Black Friday.

Michael’s on Black Friday

My piecemeal acquisition of cake decorating supplies testifies not just to my love for Michael’s, but my tenacity to never pay full price there. On Thanksgiving and Black Friday (until noon), you can score a double-whammy of sale price plus 30% off your entire purchase. Usually it’s one or the other: Either sale price or 40% off coupon.

My first year at Michael’s on Black Friday, I got awesome Melissa and Doug costumes for about $13 each (retail price: $35). Last year at Michael’s I got an awesome craft storage cart for $25 (retail price $50), which my son filled with Lego’s.

This year? I plan to get:

  • 50% off Crayola activity kits (great birthday gifts)
  • 3 for the price of 1 Wall frames for the kids’ school photos
  • activity books and sticker books for the kids. One or two might be stocking stuffers, but I plan to use them throughout the year for road trips, Easter baskets, and other occasions.

Not on my list, but other great buys at Michael’s on Black Friday are:

  • 50% off Christmas paper and ribbons
  • 60% off craft storage
  • $7 Adult coloring books

Remember, all of these prices are further reduced by a 30% off coupon! Grab your coupon from the newspaper circular or download the Michael’s app on your phone.

Lowe’s Black Friday Weekend

Of course, the $20 Christmas tree. I’m scoping gift card deals in the next few weeks so I can get it for an even better price.

Staples Black Friday Deals

Of course, Black Friday shopping would not be complete without a stop at Staples. It should come as no surprise what I’m getting.

  • $0.01 — Kaspersky Internet Security, after Rebate (retail price: $59.99)
  • $9.99 for 50 holiday card (retail price $43.99) — the coupon for this deal is in the Black Friday ad. It says that the “offer value can be applied to higher quantities,” so I hope I’ll be able to order 100 cards for $19.98.

Also of interest, but not on my list:

  • $0.01 — Multipurpose paper, after Rebate (retail price $7.79)
  • $3 Plastic storage bins, 18 gallon (retail price $7.99)
  • $9.99 — Duracell AA and AAA batteries, 24-pack
  • $49 Kindle 6″ eReader, 4 GB storage (retail price $79.00)
  • $19.99 McAfee Total Protection Unlimited Devices 2016, after Rebate (retail price $89.99)
  • $59.99 Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 (retail price $99.99)
  • 30% off Cleaning and Breakroom Item
  • 25% off regular-priced in-store purchase

Find all of the Staples deals here.

What’s on your list?! 

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