My Top Four Companies To Invest in

In order to live comfortably at retirement, you have to save save save. When saving is not enough, you must invest.  I got into investing a few years ago. I knew I wanted to purchase a house and used Acron’s to help me save up for that. It was a passive platform that did all the work for me. A few years after I bought my home, I thought I should really try to invest more and spend less. I have had much success with my picks so far, and want to share some of my favorite companies to invest in.


Tesla is the most interesting and most volatile stock in my portfolio. I love the idea behind the technology. While we know Tesla mainly because of its Wacky CEO and its top-of-the-line self-driving electric vehicles, there more to the brand. Tesla also sells solar products and battery energy. If Elon is not enough to make you look at the stock, their inclusion into the S&P 500 this week should be.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic goes by the ticker SPAC. It is headed by multi-billionaire Richard Bronson. The company has a cool and unique concept centered around commercial space travel. They presold several seats on their concept craft, headed to the outer bounds of Earth. Along with commercial space travel, they want to head up space missions. This stock is one of my favorite companies to invest in. The company is set to test-launch its craft very soon. Finger crossed, everything goes as planned.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings has been around for a while but just went public in the midst of the pandemic. While sports haven’t fully got back to normal when they do this stock will go up. With the return of football and basketball and other partnership news, this stock has been on the incline. I fully expect it to go down if sports are shut down. At that time I will be shuffling money to pick up discounted shares for their rise when sports resume to normal.


While not officially on the market, I can not wait for this stock to hit. This is one of the most anticipated offerings of the year. The company just filed to go public a few days ago. They also reported turning a profit in the last fiscal year and despite setbacks from Covid are looking forwards to a profitable quarter. The traveler in me is attracted to this stock.

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