Online Clothes Consignment: What Store Pays More?

Consigning clothes online is quick and easy -- but who pays more for your unwanted clothes? Consigning clothes online is quick and easy -- but who pays more for your unwanted clothes?

Editor’s Note: Since publishing this article, one of these buyback stores, Twice, has gone out of business. ThredUP remains in business and continues to buy your high quality used clothing. 

If you would like to cut to the chase and order a ThredUP bag now, request it HERE. (You will get a $10 credit and I will get a $10 credit!) 

I have been steadily cleaning out clutter from our home over the past few years. After three yard sales, two kids’ consignment sales, and several ebay sales, I have found that I can get the most money for my time when I consign online. Consigning online takes about an hour or less, including your trip to the post office to drop off the postage-paid bag.

It’s extremely easy.

The payout is less than selling on ebay or at a kids’ consignment sale, but if you are strapped for time and just want your old clothes out, online consignment is the way to go.

Last year, I consigned clothes with Twice.  I grabbed some of my least favorite clothes, that I hadn’t worn in years, made sure that they were brands that Twice accepts, put them in a pre-paid bag, and dropped them off at the post office. It took me an hour, at the most. They didn’t accept all 16 items, but for those they accepted, they gave me $28. That’s not an awful hourly rate. Although, it was only about $2 per item.

This year, I wanted to try out the online consignment shop ThredUp, because it sells maternity clothes and children’s clothes. I requested a pre-paid bag, sorted out the clothes I wanted to consign, and looked them up on the ThredUp website.

ThredUp Estimates How Much They Will Pay For Your Unwanted Clothes Before You Mail Them.

ThredUp will pay you for your unwanted Ann Taylor LOFT clothes!

ThredUp accepts Ann Taylor LOFT clothes.

Find out where to consign your Tommy Hilfiger clothes -- and more -- at

ThredUp Does Not Accept Tommy Hilfiger Clothes

In the end, I put the following 24 items in my ThredUp bag:

  • 5 Ann Taylor LOFT topsI got over $40 for this pile of clothes when I sent them to an online consignment shop. But there were things I liked and didn't like about the experience, as compared to another online consignment shop.
  • 4 Ann Taylor LOFT sweaters
  • 2 Ann Taylor LOFT skirts
  • 1 Ann Taylor shirt
  • 1 Victoria’s Secret top
  • 1 Lands’ End dress
  • 1 The Limited skirt
  • 1 Old Navy shirt
  • 1 Banana Republic t-shirt
  • 1 Lauren by Ralph Lauren tank top
  • 1 INC International Concepts shirt
  • 1 Apt 9 top
  • 1 Apt 9 skirt
  • 1 Carole Little shirt
  • 1 Heart-n-Crush sweater
  • 1 Mossimo sweaterClothes ThredUp will not accept on consignment -- but Twice will take some of them! Find out how much they paid me for ThredUp's reject pile.

I had a big pile of clothes that were brands ThredUp doesn’t accept:

  • Tommy Hilfiger*
  • Eddie Bauer*
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Alfani
  • Charter Club

* Twice does accept these brands!

So, I looked those brands up on the Twice website, and found that they accept a few of them. I had an extra pre-paid bag for Twice, so I popped them in and hoped for the best.

I got $13 for this pile of clothes when I sent them in to an online consignment store. Find out what I liked and didn't like about the experience, as compared to another online consignment store.

How Much Did Twice Offer Me For My Unwanted Clothes?

Twice offered me $13 for them! This is half of what they offered me last year, but last year I sent in 16 items and this year I sent in only 7. Not too bad for clothes that ThredUp wouldn’t take, but still about $2 per item. Twice also emailed me my offer within a week of me sending them the package — before ThredUp had even acknowledged that that they received my bag.

Online consignment store Twice offered me $13 for 4 shirts I mailed in -- the easiest $13 I've ever earned with clothes I don't wear!

With Twice, you get a 25% bonus if you’re paid in store credit, or you could take the original offer as a paper check, PayPal, or Venmo (I have no idea what that is). I already have some credit at Twice, and I don’t know when I’ll feel like buying clothes again, so I took the cash — via PayPal. 2014.10.11 Twice Consignment How Paid

How Much Did ThredUp Offer Me For My Unwanted Clothes?

Ten days later, I heard from ThredUp. They accepted 15 of my items and offered me $42.60 in “up front” payments. That’s almost $3 per accepted item — a better payout than Twice.

ThredUp Offer


What is an “up front” payment? It’s the amount that ThredUp will pay you for your item — like Twice would do. For those items that will be listed for sale at or above $20, ThredUp follows the more traditional consignment model, where you get paid a percentage of the sales price only after the item sells. There is more information on the ThredUp site here. You can use the full “up front” payment amount to purchase ThredUp items immediately, or you have to wait 14 days to get a cash payout via PayPal.

Here are the 16 (of 24) items ThredUp accepted:

ThredUp Accepted Items

Unlike Twice, ThredUp doesn’t tell you what items they rejected or why. Based on what I know I sent in, I figured out that they didn’t accept:

  • 2 Ann Taylor LOFT skirts
  • 1 Ann Taylor LOFT shirt
  • 1 Ann Taylor shirt
  • 1 Ann Taylor sweater
  • 1 The Limited skirt
  • 1 Carole Little shirt
  • 1 Mossimo sweater
  • 1 Lauren by Ralph Lauren tank top

End result: $55.60 and one-third of a closet!  

Earning $55 for my unwanted clothes was almost as awesome as getting 1/3 of my closet back!

In the end, there are things I liked about each experience and things I didn’t like. With ThredUp, they take a long time to process your bag, you don’t know why they rejected your items, and you have to wait 14 days for a payout. On the plus side, ThredUp did pay me more — almost $1 per item more. With Twice, you get a much quicker response and an immediate payout, plus they tell you what they rejected and why. But, they paid less than ThredUp. I know the payout amounts aren’t perfect, because I didn’t send in the exact same item, but it’s a useful guideline for me. In the end, I’m more more likely to consign again with ThredUp because they will accept my maternity clothes and pay me more for my non-maternity items, even if I have to wait three more weeks to cash out.

Ready to get some cash to clean out your closet? If you use my referral links (below), you will get $10 off your first purchase. Request your online consignment bags here:

Request a ThredUp bag HERE

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20 thoughts on “Online Clothes Consignment: What Store Pays More?

  1. On top of the time it takes for eBay re-selling, you’re avoiding having to keep all the clothes as inventory. Clothing is nice for building up a big inventory and riding the wave, but it does take up space!

    The only thing I could say is that it might be worth it for you to donate these to a a thrift store and claim them on your taxes (if you itemize).

    But you’re still doing a lot of the work and not getting actual cash in hand!

    Any of these options are better than just leaving them in your close.. 🙂

  2. SO timely! I’ve been meaning to ask you if you had tried Thredup. I got a flyer and coupon in the mail for them last week and have been checking out the site. I recently cleaned out and took clothes to a local consignment and the things they didn’t take are going to be Goodwill items. I may try one of these sites next. Thredup wasn’t bad for shopping either, they had some nice things.

    • Definitely give it a try. I can’t believe I waited so long to send in these clothes. Request a bag and put the consignment store’s rejects in there (if they’re the right brands). You never know — because the online sites have a national audience, so something that doesn’t work for one region might be perfect for another.

      • If the local consignment store won’t accept your items don’t expect Threadup to accept them. Threadup wants the clothes that you local consignment shop ACCEPTS.

        • Jody, you’re right that ThredUp has high standards for what’s acceptable. But if someone lives in a warm climate and their local thrift store doesn’t want the person’s sweaters, maybe ThredUp would — because they have shoppers who live in colder climates. That’s what I meant to convey.

          • I forgot to follow up! Thredup accepted everything I sent in. The shop here has limited space so they can only accept so many of certain types of items, at certain times of the year so it’s not that there was an issue with any of them. I’ve done it a second time, just this past November and they accepted all of those items as well. It wasn’t a windfall (around $20-$30 both times)but it was definitely better than nothing.

  3. Only 2 months later… I finally filled and mailed off my bag to ThredUp on January 2nd. I got an email today that they received my bag and they will get back to me by February 12th! I’m not too hopeful on how much I’ll get but I just want the stuff gone;the local consignment didn’t accept them. I quickly jotted down what was in the bag so I’ll need to revisit it when I get the response. I didn’t use their estimater.

    • Please let us know what you get from your bag. I don’t like that they take so long to assess it, and then you have to wait to get the payout. But it’s better than having them sit in your closet, unused.

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