Paying for Peace Of Mind

We talk all the time about how we can save money on here. We seldom discuss how to spend it to make our lives easier. That’s about to change. Going into the new year, self-care is going to be a major factor in my life. I already have a gym membership that has been well worth the money, but what else? This year I am going to be paying for peace of mind. Here’s how I am going to do it and how much I’ll spend:

House Cleaner

This seems like a budget killer, and I know many of you will say, “but you can clean your own home.” The problem is I can, but I won’t, and it’s high time I realized that cleaning the house is too monumental of a task for me to complete daily. So instead of stressing over it, I am outsourcing. Let me preface this by saying that I will not be paying for traditional cleaning of my home. My friend is a house cleaner and will be picking up after me without all the sweeping and dusting. I want her to put away my groceries, shopping bags, and other things I throw around every day. For around $100 bucks a month, I am in.

Car Maintenance

My car is always a mess. I pile things in and seldom take things out. On top of that, it needs regular maintenance that I am too busy to tend to. So instead of worrying about it, I found someone to get my car during the day once a month and take it to get tended to. That includes a monthly cleaning, vacuuming, and taking it to the shop for other work as needed. Using a family friend will cost me around $50+ a month.

More Gym Time

I have been working on my weight all year and am 15 lbs from my goal. When I reach it, I want to get toned. So that means more personal training sessions and time spent doing weight training. While I can do that on my own, I don’t feel comfortable. So I have a trainer and will pay more for an additional session each week. It’s going to cost me around $159 extra each month, but after a few months, I should be where I want to be.

Here are just a few ways I am paying for peace of mind. How will you?

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