New Food Delivery App Focuses on Pizzerias

As if there weren’t already plenty of restaurant delivery apps to choose from, one more has come out focusing just on pizza.

Aptly called Slice, this free app for mobile devices is trying to entice new customers with $5 off their first order.

However, in order to get that $5 off, you have to spend at least another $10 — depending on where you live, participating pizzerias require a minimum order of $15, and some also charge delivery fees.

Additionally, the promotion only populates in the app if you opt to pay for your order with a credit card — don’t select cash until your next transaction, assuming you come back.

Pizza Delivery Versus Other Choices

Although the app focuses on pizzerias, it’s possible to order other types of food from pizzerias that have diversified menus offering pasta, salads and sandwiches.

After you claim that initial rebate, the benefit of Slice over other food delivery apps becomes unclear — and there are about nine different competing apps to choose from in the space.

Furthermore, the pizzerias that participate in Slice also participate in other delivery services — although not necessarily all of them and tend to have the same order minimums and fees across each of the platforms.

If, however, Slice were to sign exclusives with top-rated pizzerias, obtain the most competitive pricing for piza among any delivery service, or offer the largest selection of pizzerias within every city that Slice operates in, that might make it more compelling.

Many Competitors

Otherwise, a lot of Slice’s competitors seem more convenient because they have more choices. When you’re deciding what kind of food you want to order, you can log into any of the other delivery apps and search by type of cuisine.

That’s especially helpful when you’re in a group in which everyone wants to order a different type of cuisine — you pace orders from multiple eateries with one order in, GrubHub, Caviar, Seamless, UberEats,, Yelp Eat 24 Hours, Foodler and goPuff.

Of course, the aforementioned apps aren’t all available in the same cities, and none of them are ubiquitous as of this writing. Still, even if you live in a smaller city, you should be able to choose from at least a few restaurant delivery apps.

The broader point here is that most people don’t eat pizza as often as the app might need in order to become profitable. Apparently, one third of Americans eat pizza once a week, according to a poll by CiCi’s Pizza. That same survey found that one in ten people in the U.S. eat pizza at least three times a week.

On the other hand 47% of the respondents said that convenience is a factor in their decision to eat pizza — so will Slice’s convenience get people to eat pizza more often? It’s probably too soon to make that call.

Readers, how often do you eat pizza? Which restaurant delivery apps have you tried, and which one is your favorite?

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